Forecast for relationship?

  • Is there anyone who would be willing to give a reading~ I would like to know if there is any type of intimate relationship in the near future? It has been a couple of years of 2 interesting relationships, that have not been remotely what I had in mind....they have been primarily relationships where I have been learning and discerning. What is next for me?

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    Jan 3, 1972

  • CapCat, have you dealt with any issues that may be damaging your love life? That is the only thing that could be stopping you from atrracting a new love.

    In your astrological profile, there is a possible fear pattern that may have been set by a parent (father?) who failed to provide the security you deserved and made you grow up way too fast. You became responsible before it was fair or appropriate. And you're still picking partners for whom you end up playing the 'parent'. You've surely seen that it doesn't work when you end up being someone's caretaker, catering to their needy insecurities. You don't want to end up alone but you have a heck of a time taking care of people who can't take care of themselves. Has it ever occurred to you that you feel most alone when you are in a relationship you are afraid to lose? You've got to break this attraction you have for down-and-outs, for needy people. It's your own fear of abandonment, of being left behind, and your anger at not being cared for that makes you end up resenting your partners, even though you attracted and chose them yourself. No matter how you try to pick partners who are considerate and warm and caring, you wind up playing the good little parent.

    You need to realise that you are recreating your childhood over and over. You don't have to live either by shunning people or caving into their insecurities or problems and having to give up your whole life to take care of them because you feel guilty. You don't have to be responsible for your partner's happiness, only your own. You want to save the world, fight for freedom, and rescue everyone - a typical martyr complex. You need to be more adventurous and less responsible, to stretch your limits, to seek variety, and to free yourself from looking after everyone else. Stop swinging between dependence and independence and find a comfortable balance. Don't hide behind your social or domestic roles - you are much more than the role you play. It's really only you who are limiting your own freedom or holding you back. In your relationships, you must find the courage to express your feelings and reveal the real you, not the 'Mother Teresa' role you play but the authentic you who doesn't want to take care of everyone all the time.

    You don't need other people's approval to be happy. Nothing and no one is stopping you finding true love, of being adored by someone who doesn't depend on you or vice versa - someone whose companionship and strength of character you enjoy and can share. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, will attract lovers who can also be friends and give you the support you need. You must learn to go with the flow, to receive love naturally, to tell the Universe what you want and let life with its perfect timing bring others into your life who will recognise and adore you.

    No one is stopping you, but you...

    Next year the emphasis will be on your career so there is every chance that if you make the necessary adjustments to your belief system, you will meet a special someone through the course of your work.

  • Captain~ thank you so much for this reading~ I look forward to making the changes and attracting a wonderful lover to share my time with~ thank you very much again, Many blessings, CapricornCat

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