To the captain

  • can u do a reading for me im with a pisces man lately things seem to be a little lopsided .cant figure this guy out . my b day is 4/29/40 his is 2/19/47 . thanks

  • This is favourable for love and marriage. The relationship is likely to want to sharpen skills and hone them to perfection. Its technical orientation in many ways complements how you both use a strong outer persona or shell to protect your inner sensitivity against the world. So your friend, just like you, is rather bewildered by his unfathomable partner. By emphasizing outward perfection, you two can hide your emotional problems, but at the same time you run the risk of cutting yourselves off from your deeper selves. The danger here is that such attitudes will be mutually reinforcing, creating an environment that neglects or denies personal development and spiritual growth in the name of worldly success. Issues for you Foxiee1 may be about being weak or needy - you may feel that needing people is a sign of weakness or that a life of good old-fashioned work is something to be avoided. Your friend may have issues involving fame vs family, or being too invisible and unappreciated or too visible altogether. It's doesn't have to be a choice between career or family - he can have both. He also has a fear of being controlled by another person.

    Love is one area where deeper emotions may be stirred. Because both of you tend to hide your feelings behind a wall, you may empathically share the sorrow of a lost childhood, and the grief of having sacrificed your hearts to the merciless god of perfection. The relationship carries the responsiblity of reawakening such inner energies, a process that may be painful but can ultimately lead to joyful, even esctatic expressions. Marriage too is favourable - at least externally, for as spouses you two can create an up-to-date household, full of modern conveniences and appilances to make work easier. Activities involving computers and the internet, as well as other electronic equipment, are particularly emphasized here. Unfortunately, personal emotions may be seen as messy in this technically advanced domestic sphere, and thus may be suppressed. Nurturing qualities may be lacking in the relationship as well but, if worked at, it can be pervaded with gentle feeling and sensitive consideration for personal matters. This relationship's coolness under fire is especially beneficial to both the two of you and any social or family groups of which you may be a part. It's important not to neglect emotion or spirituality here. Perfection is not worth the price - making errors and admitting them is only human. Relax!

  • i.should have been mor ein depth here . we met online about 3 yrs and 4 mos ago. we planned to meet in person but each time something came up . we live about 6 hrs away from each other .but lately we dont communicate much . i finally sent an e mail to him explainging

  • That you haven't actually meet indicates how you both like to hide yourselves from each other. Being online friends means you feel safer about your relationship in that you don't run so much risk of exposure. But then you also don't experience the joy of really knowing someone and being comfortable enough with them to be yourself.

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