A reading pls...need some guidance

  • I have just started working again...and i hate the job but until something better comes along I will deal with it. This work, will it work out? I can't get a feel for it.

    I have high hopes of a project I am working on (one with my brother) and if it pays off..it will be huge! This project would set us up for life, will it happen?

    Second, my fiance is due home (hopefully by Feb/Mar) and I am excited. Will everything work out? He has been gone for awhile and it is time for us to start our life. Both of us have had some changes with our finances and with family....

    I just need some guidance that I am on the right path...

    thanks for any advice...


  • Hi sweetie

    Wow seems SO many of us has embarked on a path where we at times ( read often ) feel we´re on the wrong one, BUT circumstances such as finanmcial crises, unemployment lines is not appealling so we grit teeth and do our best for now. Beats the unemployment lines.

    For now for us and for many like us its a better than nothing path, and its up to us to make it work as best as we can. its a do ur best n ull do fair.

    On project i need a name on ur brother n preferrably a photo of u 2. Also on ur fiance. I sense he is an army man?

    lemmi know sweetie so i can proceed n help u a smidge more.



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