Composite Chart/ Synastry Chart Interpretations/ Insights

  • Interested in any and all insights into this relationship, both synastry and composite chart interpretations. I have copies of both charts, but very new at reading/interpreting this information and I no longer have the program I used to access the full reports/"easy" readings of these types of things on...I have found much info. online about individual aspects/sings/planet/house placements related but looking for impressions/synthesis on a perhaps more holistic/ "big picture" level...Given the Neptune influences here and my recent past- I am simply attempting to be "eyes wide open" here and keep it very "real". ( Going into it with the concept of no expectations/ pure take it for what it is/enjoy every moment as it comes type of attitude here...but as you may interpret, not always the easiest thing for me to do, personally when it comes to relationships.) Thanks in advance for any feedback! ( I am not inclined toward fatalistic astrology as much as the humanistic approach, so not really looking for "is it meant to be" type of interp., just positives/negatives/what it's worth/what to be aware of/how to make best use of this relationships energy, etc...

    Me: 29 Jan 1978 local time 5:03 pm

    in Buffalo, NY (US) U.T. 22:03

    78w53, 42n53 sid. time 01:22:39


    planet sign degree

    Sun Aquarius 9°39'18 in house 7

    Moon Libra 13°58'55 in house 3

    Mercury Capricorn 21°20'48 in house 6

    Venus Aquarius 11°29'34 in house 7

    Mars Cancer 28°32'13 in house 12

    Jupiter Gemini 26°49'02 in house 11

    Saturn Leo 28°29'28 in house 2

    Uranus Scorpio 16°12'35 in house 4

    Neptune Sagittarius 17°38'36 in house 5

    Pluto Libra 16°39'40 in house 3

    True Node Libra 7°27'34 in house 3

    HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)

    Ascendant Leo 6°31'55

    2nd House Leo 26°28'41

    3rd House Virgo 21°02'08

    Imum Coeli Libra 22°20'41

    5th House Scorpio 29°27'52

    6th House Capricorn 5°51'52

    Descendant Aquarius 6°31'55

    8th House Aquarius 26°28'41

    9th House Pisces 21°02'08

    Medium Coeli Aries 22°20'41

    11th House Taurus 29°27'52

    12th House Cancer 5°51'52

    Him: 22 Aug 1959 local time 8:11 am

    in Rochester, NY (US) U.T. 12:11

    77w37, 43n09 sid. time 05:00:45


    planet sign degree

    Sun Leo 28°39'13 in house 12

    Moon Aries 16°21'59 in house 8

    Mercury Leo 10°20'56 in house 11

    Venus Virgo 13°30'26 in house 12

    Mars Virgo 20°44'42 in house 1

    Jupiter Scorpio 23°44'12 in house 3

    Saturn Capricorn 0°36'20 in house 4

    Uranus Leo 17°27'23 in house 11

    Neptune Scorpio 4°32'37 in house 2

    Pluto Virgo 3°45'17 in house 12

    True Node Libra 4°23'18 in house 1

    HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)

    Ascendant Virgo 18°31'49

    2nd House Libra 13°00'26

    3rd House Scorpio 12°34'25

    Imum Coeli Sagittarius 16°21'49

    5th House Capricorn 20°50'41

    6th House Aquarius 21°57'42

    Descendant Pisces 18°31'49

    8th House Aries 13°00'26

    9th House Taurus 12°34'25

    Medium Coeli Gemini 16°21'49

    11th House Cancer 20°50'41

    12th House Leo 21°57'42

    Us:Composite Horoscope midpoint method


    planet sign degree

    Sun Scorpio 19°09'15 end of house 3

    Moon Cancer 15°10'27 in house 11

    Mercury Scorpio 0°50'52 in house 3

    Venus Scorpio 27°30'00 in house 4

    Mars Leo 24°38'27 end of house 12

    Jupiter Virgo 10°16'37 in house 1

    Saturn Libra 29°32'54 in house 3

    Uranus Libra 1°49'59 in house 2

    Neptune Scorpio 26°05'36 in house 4

    Pluto Virgo 25°12'28 in house 2

    True Node Libra 5°55'26 in house 2

    Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

    HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)

    Ascendant Leo 27°31'52

    2nd House Virgo 19°44'34

    3rd House Libra 16°48'17

    Imum Coeli Scorpio 19°21'15

    5th House Sagittarius 25°09'17

    6th House Capricorn 28°54'47

    Descendant Aquarius 27°31'52

    8th House Pisces 19°44'34

    9th House Aries 16°48'17

    Medium Coeli Taurus 19°21'15

    11th House Gemini 25°09'17

    12th House Cancer 28°54'47

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