Will my friend move soon ?

  • Hi, this is a question im hoping somone can answer her name is val 2nd november 1939


  • Hello Eve8.

    My sense is yes if she is moving to where she will be assisted in living a more sedate life as I feel she is rather a lively woman of age. Is this a daughter or relative she will move with as it feels like a relative will be close by her? She will take a while to settle in and than she will find her way to crafts and art and singing and all types of things as long as she remains with good vital energy.

    Happy Holidays


  • she lives with her partner whos is only 65 ,and is very lively ,she gives healings and is also a medium so very busy every day but really wants more time for her and has rented the same house for years

  • Hello Eve8,

    So I picked up on the lively partner, they may be going through some transitons in the relationship, I feel if she could just ask for more respect is the word that comes to me that she would receive it as I sense the partner will not want her to leave, and she will want to have someone (relative) near so that she can call on them if needed should she deceide to leave. As of this time I really feel her wanting to leave and that she may if things can not be worked out to her satifaction.

  • sorry i worded that wrong she is the lively one ,he is a leo but doesnt do alot they have been together I think 20 years ,he looks after the house while she works ,anyway I guess she wants them to move to a lovely place asap is the thing ,a distant relative does want to move to the area shes in so that could be it ,guessing she doesnt move far away thanks shuabby if you can

    add more great thanks for all eve8

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