Need a little help

  • I know this might sound a little off the wall. I bought a cheap-o tarot deck about 6 years ago just for kicks because it was on clearance at my local waldenbooks. I played around with for about a year and then put it in a baggy in the back of my desk.

    Today, I was sitting alone getting ready to start homework and the idea to give myself a tarot reading popped in to my head, so I grabbed the little book and and was going to do a past, present, future thing to the question- Do I have the will and self-determination to finish college in the next year? I know this is a limiting question and not the greatest for a tarot reading. When I grabbed the deck and shuffled it once, the Hermit flew out and hit the ground face up, Upside Down. So, I reshuffled him in the deck and decided to do a star pattern and this is what I got.

    1- Known Desires- Five Wands Upside Down

    2. Intellect- Four of Swords Upside Down

    3- Present- 3 of Cups Upside Down

    4- Emotions- Queen of Wands Upside down

    5- What is yet to Unfold- The Hermit Upside Down

    6- The Heart of the Question- 7 of Wands Normal

    7- The Outcome- 5 of Pentacles Normal

    I would like a translation of these cards, the little book I have can be really unclear. Also if you feel that I might need another reading to get a better picture on things just email me. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. You can feel free to email me at .

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