Scorpio in need of insight or advice desperately

  • I posted this a few days ago and got no response, I hope that was not a bad sign so here it goes again....

    If someone could please help me. I am in a waiting game I suppose, I met my fiance over a year ago at a time when we were both addicts, and shortly after we were committed to each other and very much in love we decided to get clean and suprisingly enough in sobriety we fell even more in love with each other. Although I am older I admired his work ethic and tenacity, and he loved me for showing him what love truley meant. Now more recently he has been arrested for working for the wrong guy more or less an old boss of his was arrested for drugs and has dragged my fiance into it to get a lesser sentence even though we have been on the straight and narrow. I guess the past will always catch up to you, but all the evidence they have is a statement. I have now moved to his hometown to have family support which his family is wonderful but I am still very much in pain of lossing my partner my love as we were in the middle of planning our wedding to be in april, what I'm wondering how long can anyone see that I will have to wait for my fiance and for us to move on and put all of this in the past where it belongs (which we thought we already had) and for us to begin our new path in life together. Thank you for anyone lnsight to this matter, many blessings to you and all.

    my dob 10/26/72

    his dob 07/18/80

    he is not a typical cancer tender, loyal till the end loyal

  • good luck

  • thank you poetic maybe I should take a hint in the no replies that no one really wants to bring me bad news I'm not real sure. But thank you again in your well wishes.

  • ask Ms. Sunny or Watergirl.

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