Poetic555 ...I need you PLEASE

  • Hello, my name is Peggy and I have an angel question on the thread~ How well do you know the Angels~ and I am trying to figure him out Maybe like who he is. Anyway Living on a Prayer said this was your field and I am hopeful. Would you please take a look at the description and tell me anything you may know about him or what ever God may tell you about him PLEASE.

    Brightest Blessings and Peace

  • Hi, I just found this, I have no special powers girlfriend just amazing Faith in God and what I call my Angels who help me, tell me a little and we'll see if we can figure it out, talk to him/her ask them to come in a dream! Isn't this wonderful, Each Arch Angel has special gifts though, Voice of God, Light of God, Healer of God, we'll talk more tomorrow. Do you meditate?

  • Now Joshua just popped in my head, don't know, ask out loud sometimes they whisper in your ear too. back tomorrow.

  • Do you meditate?~Yes and I will again tonight. Joshua ...hmmm I will see if anything comes. Thank You

  • When you meditate, ask your angel to tell you his/her name, I gotta feeling you will know this month. Be back soon, gonna check something for you, is it just a feeling or can you see anything that stands out??

  • I just figured out what you were saying I posted some stuff for you under your Angel Thread. Thats a Shaman not an Angel.


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