Where do I go from here

  • I feel like I have a spiritual connection with someone but it's a very confusing situation so first I will give you a bit of background info.

    As a child my first love, like many, was a singer. He is the only man that I ever gave a piece of my heart to that I never took back. About a week before we met, he and his group were doing a radio interview and a friend of mine somehow managed to get in studio with them. She brought up my name and this is the first that he had ever heard of me. The next week when we met it was accidental. We were at the same hotel and a friend of mine and I were outside smoking when he pulled up. I asked him to come over and take pictures with us which he did. Then we just stood there on the sidewalk for about ten minutes talking with our arms around eachother. I have never felt more comfortable in my life then I do when I am in his arms I have since figured out.

    About a month later he found me online in a chat room and would only talk to me. He ignored everyone else even though they were trying to talk to him also. This happened a few times. The next time I saw him he confirmed that that was in fact him. Also, at this meeting, his security disappeared and we got a couple of minutes to talk. This was a pre-arranged meet n greet and most fans got 3-5 seconds with each guy. When we were talking I asked him about a song on their upcoming album. He told me I would hear it soon and about 20 minutes later it was playing for the first time in public and he was standing on stage just starring at me.

    We didn't really have much contact after that for seven months. I have his phone number and would text him a couple times a week but I only got a response back once and that was just that he didn't know why he noticed me and that yes we have a connection.

    The next time we talked was two days after I had went to a concert he gave me tickets for. The show after this I had purchased a special ticket for which would allow me a meet n greet before the concert. I had went with three other friends and we got split up when we went into the meet n greet. There were only ten fans at a time allowed in the room with the band. Two of my friends went in the group before mine and when he saw them he asked them both separately where the hell I was. They both told him I was in the next group. Well when I got into the room he just grabbed me and held me. There were no words needed. But, once again, I felt complete and more comfortable than ever. We just held eachother for about thirty seconds out of this sixty second meet n greet and then he said he needed to greet the other fans but I should wait. I didn't. Instead I went to say hi to the other guys in the group and then left. When I walked out of the meet n greet area he followed me without me knowing. I walked a bit down the walkway to grab my purse and something told me to look to my right. When I did there he was standing about 15 feet from me and just starring at me again. I asked him what and we talked for a bit. then he blew me THE sweetest air kiss EVER. He's done this to me before but I could've melted right into this one. The next group of fans were already in the meet n greet room and at $400 a ticket I felt bad because those other fans were missing out. This is all very unlike him also. That was the last time we talked.

    My problem is this, first, a good friend of mine texts him also and gets replies regularly but I almost never do. But, when face to face he treats her like most other fans and I've NEVER heard of or seen of him acting the way he does with me. Also, there have been a ton of little things that have happened that I believe are signs. I can elaborate more if anyone wants but this has already gotten ridiculously long. Oh and he is single.

    So, any suggestions as to where I should go from here?

  • From what you wrote...sounds to me like both of you feel the same way and him...maybe more. So why aren't you two together?

  • follow your heart felt feelings.

  • OMG don't I wish I knew. I mean I suppose it has something to do with how busy he is. His group has been touring since Oct of last year almost non-stop and he has other business he is involved with also. I guess my hope is that when things calm down for him maybe we can see where this thing is supposed to go but in the meantime I'm about ready to lose my mind. I've never felt a connection this strong in my life. The most frustrating part for me is that my friend gets replies from him and I can't get a boo from him unless it's face to face. Then, he couldn't lay it on any thicker. I guess I figure maybe the reason I don't hear from him is because we both have too much to say and text is not the way to get to know eachother.

  • Okay, so basically you're getting mixed messages, here is my take on it...I also was a musician in my past and I can tell you from experience that it is impossible to have a committed relationship when you are on the road. Maybe he does not answer your text's because he does not want to make promises he can't keep, or maybe he is protecting himself from the pain of falling in love with you and having to be apart all the time because of his music.

    So, my advise, #1, come right out and ask him in a text, why he does not answer u. If you have already done that, then #2, text him again, this time saying that you understand that in his profession it is difficult to be in a one on one love relationship. Tell him that it would help you to know if you're getting the right message from him, flat out ask him why he responds to your friends text's and not yours.

    I hope this helps...

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