NEWBIE ALERT :) I have lots of questions

  • Hi there, I'm Jonali... and i'm just getting started in learning to read and interpret Tarot. I am unsure about how to go about a couple of things because i've read a ton of different things on the internet regarding what deck to buy and what you'll need to do readings.

    I was first inspired to learn Tarot after I had a very beautiful witch in Salem, Mass read my cards to me. It was an amazing experience. I've always been interested in magic and i'm a very spiritual person when it comes to self expression and nature. I believe her cards were Rider cards, therefore i was extremely drawn to purchasing some of my own because i had that emotional connection with them.

    So here are some specific questions i have... keep in mind that i've read lots of different things on tons of sites so if i sound ridiculous just bare with me 🙂

    • Can you buy your own cards or should they be a gift? Is one or the other better?!

    • I've heard that some of the things you'll need are CANDLES, JOURNAL, A CLOTH, and a specific table to keep clean and do readings on. Why are each of these things needed? The witch that did my reading had a crystal with her that she used to seek good energy.

    • Are you the only one who should touch your cards besides the person you're reading to shuffle and cut the deck?

    • Should you sleep with your wrapped cards next to your heart or under your pillow for a week?

    • Should you keep your wrapped cards in special box?

    I would greatly appreciate some clarification on some of these topics... thank you for reading 🙂

  • Hi! I'm a newbie as well :)!

    I also would like to know about the whole should you buy your own cards or receive them as a gift question because my older sister told me its bad luck to buy your own, according to her then boyfriend and his Italian Family. But I bought all three of my decks, I have a Lovers Tarot which was the first deck I ever bought, I found it at an op shop and thought it was meant to be, I then bought an Angel Oracle Cards deck and a Medieval Cat Tarot deck... I don't believe I have received any bad luck from them O-o...

    And I don't have candles or anything like that... Should I get some?

    Welcome to Tarot Jonali, lovely name too...^.^...

  • I've owned tarot decks for 16 years and I have never once had anyone buy them for me, nor had any special places for my cards. From what I am reading about all the things to do here it sounds absurd. Your cards are not "holy" and do not need to be treated with sacredness. They are cards and the interpretations are already in your manual. The hardest part is getting to know and read your cards accurately.

    Play with your deck and keep learning them, look it up in the manual that is included. Over time you will learn them, it may take you years to become accurate and some people "think" they are accurate but are NOT. It took me many years to finally learn mine, I have always stuck with the same type of deck (Rider-Waite). I myself am looking for a new challenge (The Lovers Card deck) now.

    Best advice... use your cards and practice. The more you use them, the more familiar you will become with them. Candles and all that are just for effect.. they are not required. Don't make a scene over your deck. Its foolish.

    I hope that helps you both.

  • It helped me, for a moment there I thought I was doing something wrong. I will continue to use my cards and keep it up so eventually I will know them like the back of my hand...^.^...

    Thankyou LoveDetox.

  • Greetings, All! A lot, of Good(really Good!...), information, is, available, at this site, concerning the cards, meanings, applications, also, the, astrological, numerological, etc. aspects; at no charge, available, daily: 1 personal card, 1 general card, 3&5 card draw; learn/ study each card, think, of "it/each", as, an "Entity", which," it" is, "you, or whom, you read for; " also, check, word, (dictionary), for word, origins, context, is amazingly different, frequently, from current, usuage, and, "origins", usually, resonate, with, more, "clarity" The cards, spreads, etc., should, reflect, you; if you, are, "a candle, insense, crystal etc.," kind of person, go with it; the atmosphere, should be, of your making, to "share" encourage, both you & the cards; what, works, for you; the more, effort, you put, into the cards(meanings, thought, meditation, "daily" living((trusting, "the cards/trusting, you...)the better! Cat-in-theMoon

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  • I also, agree, with "Watergirl"; I have, another deck, for others, present, that I use, to avoid, (politely) people, "touching" (figuratively/physically) my "Cards"; also, recently, noted, Very young, "half-wild", "terrible-twos", etc., "Energies", not only, made the cats hide, but, the "cards" too! 'gave them, all, a good rest, to "realign/rebalance" themselves! alco "watergirl"'s speaking, of placement, question, overall perspectives, is critical; changes, redirects," perspectives", as required. for my tastes(what works, best, for me....) I read, "upright", to always, "start" in "The Archtypical & Concept Element(s), "Face Value" if you will, and by, "placement, etc.", it can be determined, if, current meaning, is "reversed", and, requires, special attention. Cat

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  • Watergirl, it's, been nice chatting, about the Tarot, etc., and, I look, forward, to future, "Tarot-Talk"! I've had, to limit, my "cyber-time", to keep up with (current) "real-time" ( regular chores, considerations, Holidays, etc., )and, I still, have some "cyber-visits" to make, plus, incoming/out- of- state, phone call; so, have, a great day!, and, be Tarot-talking, soon! Cat

  • WOW Everyone! This is such great advice 🙂 Thank you so much cat-in-the-moon, watergirl, and lovedetox! I'll buy my cards when the time is right and use this site for lots of practicing.

    Good luck MercurysBueFox

    Love&Light, Jonali

  • EnjoyJonali, "the Time, is Right" Cat

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