Confused by Taurus Ex

  • Some back ground on us - we've been together on and off for about a year and a half. We got physically involved very quickly on (not my usual thing to do, but the chemistry on both sides seemed to draw us together).

    Since then we've been in a "kind-of-relationship" - but we've been on-again-off-again throughout - mostly him breaking up, then coming back (I've done the break on two ocasions) - I know he was dating other women during the off-times (and I "tried" to date other men, but my heart was never into it, and it would only be one date - I still cared genuinely about my ex and couldn't see myself with any of the other guys).

    The last time he broke it off saying that he thinks about me too much, he's confused, doesn't know what he wants and can't concentrate on anything else because he's always thinking about me, or with me.

    I told him that was fine, that we would only ever be friends now - no more "on-again-off-again" as I couldn't handle it. (We always remained friends during our "off times" and would still catch up)

    4 months later, he's on holidays overseas, and I got a text from him telling me that he's been thinking about me a fair bit while he's been over there (he also wants me to do the trip with him next time too). I'm confused - he broke it off with me because he was thinking about me too much... yet he's still thinking about me now?

    If someone could please give me insight into the Taurus man's mind it would be greatly appreciated - I still genuinely care about him, no one has affected me the way he does, even now we're both still drawn to each other and resist the temptation (although that is hard sometimes).

    I would like him back, but I don't want the cycle to continue 😞

    Thank you,

    Confused Cap 😞

  • Girlfriend, I'm the same vicious cycle with my Taurus! What's his birthdate?

  • 2 May 1983 (the trip thing is also the first time he's ever referred to us as "we")

  • Hmmm looks like he's wanting me back. Got a text telling me he misses me, he only got off the plane today, text me while in transit and called later this evening too. Looks like we're catching up (he kind of skirted around what I was doing tonight, but as much as I wanted to see him, put it off till tomorrow as I have a bit on atm).

    Shall see what happens I guess...

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