Wrting for my best friend.......

  • Dear Hans, a year ago you were so helpful to me, and your reading came true. I want now to help my best friend. Her name is Melody. Melody has recently had a terrible loss. An older sibling who she had an extreme emotional bond with has declared she wants nothing to do with Meloday now or in the future. Although not through death, this is devastating to my friend becuase she has done everything she can do to change the mind of her sister. Can you please give her some insight as to how she can go on. She suffering extreme depression and lacking in coping skills. On top of this both her parents have passed away separately over the summer. I cannot seem to reach her.

  • Hi i think if u want hans´s insight u need to report n in ur subject line ask specifically for hans. it looks as if he has niot seen this n has surpassed u like so many of us.

    wish u luck

  • hello, that is kind for you to care about your friend but is it going to help if she is not on here asking? I as we all have grown older and lost most of our family hav experienced a similar situation with my older brother. I am now an older man. I counsel and have held many career fields. She needs to be present. We cannot control anothers will. We cannot rely on others, in the long run we only have ourselves. She should not give too much of her energy unless the other is giving back. People do that out of resentment or being confused in life very often. She can pray for him and send her positive energy. If she really loved this person she would accept and just pray for her.Time apart can be healthy, do you even know the TRUTH in their relationship? Or do you know what Melody says only? Melody has to help herself in this situation. "chsnge the mind of her sister" wrong. No one should manipulate or pursuad another, it has to be their will, when one pressures in that manner; they push away. Melody's sister may need space and she may have said that becuase Melody's pressure fustrated her even more and she reated out of emotion and may have not meant that.

  • Mourning has no time frame!

  • hi searchingspirit56 - I can see where your friend would be depressed f both her parents

    passed away over the summer and if her older sister now wants nothing to do with her. Perhaps, it is Melody's depression itself that has driven her sister away - many people cannot cope with depressed people. Or perhaps the sister felt that Melody was too dependent on her and that she needed to get her own act to gether, or perhaps she felt that Melody was sapping her energy and that the only way for the sister to "save herself" was to distance herself from Melody. There are too many possibilities and too many unknowns to ask for advice. I believe that Capricorn444 may be right. elody needs to explain the situation and what has happened and to ask for herself if there is a way that she can reach her sister (not to change her mind, but merely to initiate contact perhaps).

    It is very kind of you to be concerned about your friend. You can do your friend a great service by simply being her friend and listening to her and giving her human feedback. This is an especially dark time of the year for many people - especially those whose loved ones and family members are no longer with them. This is the height of the depression and suicide season. She may feel terribly lonely and isolated and may not know how to help herself. Perhaps you can help her find a loss group to go to or suggest another form of assistance, but she will have to put forth the energy to attend and she will want to make a change herself. You cannot do it for her.

  • Turtle dust; you added one other good factor. Time of year; this is also a harsh time of year for most. Even I get challenged as all my family is dead or the few left are far away. Yes her will power is her life and manifestations of hapiness, unity, love and peace. You can pray and send her healing energy with the powers of intent:)

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