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  • Been doing some soul searching this year and wondering if I can have a reading on this friendship. We dated for a short period of time in college (25 yrs ago) and have kept in touch sporadically since. This is not for romance (I would be shocked if you picked any up lol)

    My dob Mar 18, 1965

    His Oct 12, 1964

    Thanks and much love,


  • Yes, you are correct in thinking this would not work for romance. There is an instability and indecisiveness here that would not do well in an affair or marriage. You may both be unsure which direction the relationship should go in or even whether to end it or not. The question of 'who is the boss?' touches many areas of your relationship. It's not so much that there are power struggles between you, but rather that the question must be answered. Determining who plays the dominant role at certain times or in certain circumstances is important, since both of you will usually respect and follow whichever of you takes the lead. In fact, the best situation possible is often when you two assume a commanding role in a group or organization, demanding that you share the reins of power equally. In a friendship, it can happen that neither party is interested in taking the lead or exerting real power over the other, and this can deprive the relationship of direction, so that it drifts. To get it back on track, either one of you may have to make some firm decisions and carry them through. A professional relationship can be quite successful.

  • Thank you Captain! I am surprised you say a profession r/s may work as I do find him quite pretentious and condescending. It may be his upbringing, maybe not but inevitably during our email chats he will say something that just makes me step back and thing "wow, I cannot believe that came out of his "mouth"" and I either call him on it or ignore it till one of us tries again in 6-12 months. I saw him last Christmas, first time in 5 years and it was the same.

    Thank you, that was a very interesting perspective, one I had not considered before.

    Much love,


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