Fairy Spotting

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to spot the fairies on the website. I tried back in March to find the leprechaun and couldn't find them, either. Anyone else having trouble?

  • Hi like freespirit1032, i have been serching all over for the Fairies and cannot find any 😞 If anyone can help us ...Please do thankyou very much! 🙂

  • I too can't seem to find them.....help??

  • I've been finding them all but not without a long search for some of them!

    If you think of each link into the site as a level, sometimes the fairies are on pages 4 levels deep. So, here's how I do it. (Short of telling you where they are!)

    First I open each of the tabs across the top and check that page at the bottom for the fairy. (1st level)

    On each tab level, the only thing that changes across the linked bar is the Report section and the About section. (2nd level) So once you look at the what's new links and everything else besides the report and about section, you never have to look at them again on each tab. And many times I've found a fairy here and there.

    So, let's say for example, I click on the Astrology tab and don't find a fairy. Then I start looking in the About Astrology links and the Reports links. The pages beneath those black bar links would be considered the 3rd level into the site.

    If, I can't find anything or only a few on those specific levels, the last thing I do is start clicking all the links on the pages of the 3rd level - which then takes you into the 4th level.

    So, one more recap about the levels:

    Click on the tab Astrology (1st level)

    Mouse over Horoscopes in the black bar (2nd level)

    Mouse over the Compatibility section in the black bar (3rd level)

    Click Love Compatibility (4th level)

    You might want to try that one just to get a feel for how it works.

    I warn you, it is very time consuming! If you're skilled with your browser and you're using the tabbed browser like IE 7 or Firefox, I open the pages in tabs and it goes much faster!

    I hope I helped!


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