How well do you know the Angels?

  • I am trying to identify a specific angel. My girlfriend had a very vivid vision of an angel sent to help me but we do not know his name just what he looked like and a description of a wooden staff with a wolf sculpture atop with feathers hanging off of it. I have never seen nor heard of him before. She says he was Native American looking and just thought that of course God would send my an "earth" angel. I LOVE Nature with so much passion but what that has to do with these warriors are beyond me at the moment. She did say that she felt his burden and the battle has been long and hard yet the final round was here and he was praying for his assignment to be successful. She felt that God has heard and has released the angel. Please if anyone has any clue to who he may be I would be very grateful~hugs

  • Hello Feangelikah,

    Very nice to meet you ive read your posts on the what are you thankful for thread , your angel sounds very interesting i know mostly about the archangels and what there purposes are im sorry i cant help you much but poetic555 knows alot about angels maybe she could help you out you can find her on the thankful thread as well . Good luck i hope you find the answers you are looking for . Take care hugs Mags

  • Thank you LivingonaPrayer,

    It is a pleasure to meet you as well. I also have read many of your posts. I will ask her and see if she may be able to steer me in the right direction. Thank you again and I will see you around.

    May your day be FILLED with Blessings

  • Hey just "got it" this sounds more like a Shaman Spirit Guide than an Angel, is it possible in other lives you were of an Indeginous people? I don't think this is an Angel especially with the Feathers this is Indian, cool though wow! I'm excited for you, now I understand. For sure not a Joshua, don't know where that came from. Going to meditate, be back soon. 🙂

  • Found some info for you:

    A wolf totem or spirit guide is a loyal and determined ally in Shamanic work. Learn how to understand and work with a wolf power animal.

    Chukchee and Inuit Shamans can take the form of the wolf in their ritual work. Contemporary Shamanic practitioners fortunate enough to enjoy a wolf spirit guide have a fierce, loyal and independent companion, well versed in lunar lore and well able to offer support on the most challenging shamanic journey.

    Characteristics of the Wolf Shamanic Power Animal

    The wolf power animal has many noble characteristics:

    •The totem wolf spirit guide is companion to shamans who enjoy a strong sense of family and community. It is important to maintain strong bonds with loved ones as any prolonged separation is likely to yield a psychic disturbance.

    •Although formal education may not be a priority to the wolf shaman, wisdom and basic intelligence most certainly are an important part of the Wolf Shaman’s strengths. This intuitive understanding of underlying truths serves him or her well; they are often teachers, respected elders or well-loved storytellers.

    •Quiet and non confrontational unless provoked in areas that truly matter, usually concerning family or other loved ones, the wolf shaman is courageous and steadfast when it counts.

  • More info:

    When Wolf Shamans Should Call on Their Spirit Guide

    A wolf power animal is of particular service to his Shamanic companion:

    •If direction and purpose are lacking in life. When clarity and persistence are needed the steadfast determination of the wolf is a powerful force which can overcome fear, indecision and confusion.

    •When protection and support are needed. The wolf’s silent strength and steadiness of spirit is of great comfort in challenging situations including physical danger, manipulative behavior and psychic attack.

    •If self esteem is attacked or damaged. The wolf’s self assurance and security within his pack will share deep and warm support with his companion.

    Hope this helps you!

  • Poetic You are incredible THANK YOU!

    I also found myself researching the Wolf Spirit and found so much info that I got side tracked with the values that match in and for my life...too cool!! WOW do I need this. I don't even know what to say right now. I am going to meditated for awhile ..a long while . I fell serious change coming and I am excited!!! and a little scared lol

  • Replace fear with Love, when ever you are afraid, said this is fear, not of God, replace with Love Automatic! It works! I'm happy for you and I'm jealous! 🙂

  • Say covered in the White Light and ask to speak to Spirit guides of the Highest Order only.

  • HOWL HOWL! Very good insight on behalf of the wolf and other "pack" animals. I was going to answer this one but can see you have been pointed in the right direction. When the wolf energy shows up with persistance it means you have grown a bit too domesticated--lost your wild edge. Gotten too comfy or put your energy towards ego based goals--superficial desires. The cunning of the trickster gives the pack animal the power to fit in anywhere YET it can trap him into places he loses his wild edge. The wolf is the brave mover and shaker that questions conformity and ego based desires. Wolves must find their own and always surround themselves with a pack that is both independant and fierce and keeps each other strong and focused on who they are. Wild and creative! A leader who doesn't need a fancy title or puffs out his chest but is confident who he or she is---that is the power of the wolf. HOWL HOWL!

  • grown a bit too domesticated--lost your wild edge. Gotten too comfy or put your energy towards ego based goals--superficial desires. ~ GUILTY

    It is important to maintain strong bonds with loved ones as any prolonged separation is likely to yield a psychic disturbance.~ I have allowed someone in my life to push my family away as much as he can.

    Guilty, repenting and THANK You God for not giving up on me. ME?!

    Blmoon, Poetic I am too excited!!!

  • Blue Moon, oh my God how we have missed you! I feel like dancing, girl we got some exciting days ahead of us this month!

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