Why do you think this happens?

  • I live in a pretty rural area and often have to drive over the pass to one of the larger cities to see specialists and such. Well on my way over to Portland there is an area where there are ferns in a mossy BEAUTIFUL forest. Nothing like the forest I live in or used to camp in. EVERYTIME we drive past this area I have the biggest urge to get out and run ...I MUST feel the earth, the moisture, THE LIFE of this place. Each time though it brings about a very strange emptiness... of needing to go home...yet I do not know where that is. I feel I belong in a very similar place and I would just be so happy and loved there and yet I have never lived in such a place. Although when I used to swim in the ocean in California or Catalina my lungs would have to remind me that we cannot swim too deep or hold our breaths forever...I just wanted so badly to go farther in. I lost that desire lol. Sometimes I am drawn to people or things, places or awake dreams of different places and people as if I know them and have for ever. The awake dreams make me wonder if a straight jacket is required lol.

    I know that I cannot be the only one this happens to so please share with me your thoughts and intuition on this type of happenings. ~hugs

  • Feangelikah,

    It feels like to me that you are haveing past life memories and when you are around and area or a certain place they are triggered. We all carry with us these past life connections and what is called cell memory. That would also explain the awake dreams or some call them fanasty. Sometimes we get the feelings that yes we want to go home and do not know where that is because it is again in a past life or could even be our heavenly home. These senses that provoke these feelings in you may also help you in knowning what you would like to have or where you would want to live in this lifetime.

    Have a Happy Holiday


  • Thank you for your incite Shuabby! I really feel a serious connection to a very controversial time in life and Ireland is absolutely a country I must see before my time is over . Some of these awake dreams are so vivid. I am one that has been STRICKLY taught that past lives, reincarnations ect. are just NOT so I haven't given any real looking into it. I am currently, for the past 3 years, trying to figure out what "I" believe, not just what I was taught, and find past lives to be something that makes perfect sense to me. I want to find someone who could help me learn more of my past. I may find lots of answers. lol Thanks for sharing your thoughts..something new for me to look into.

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