Maybe a silly question but...?

  • I was just wondering if anyone could tell me does coming back after dying change your numbers at all or does it not count as a new birth so to speak?

    I had been in a car accident and had left my body to above the scene site to watch the extrications of the bodies trapped including my own. Then one of the cars caught fire and the medics moved my covered body to the medic. I then went away to a simple yet glowing place and was told by God that I was not finished there yet. He had more for me to do or be I guess and then I scared the daylights out of a security guard who was guarding my body when I was returned LOL That was funny! Poor guy! I know a LOT of things changed that eve but I still wondered if this situation could change or alter readings? ANYONE know???

    Thanks for your patience and toleration for my newness and possible silly questions~hugs

  • It doesn't change your situation but it does change you so that you never behave quite the same again. Death gives you a new perspective about life.

  • Yes that it did do WOW! Thank you I was just curious.

    Thank You Captain

  • Hi Feangelikah

    I would like to hear more about your experience. Do you remember anything just before or about the accident.?This might not be the place to discuss traumatic injuries and I would give you my email if you would like. I will tell you about my experiences if you would like to share yours. I did not "die" but I had a bad enough trauma that it made me a lot more appreciatetive of the short time I have on earth and I just hate seeing people waste their lives.

    I will bet that you also have a much greater appreciation for many small things - TD

  • Hello Turtledust,

    I will be happy to share it with you as I remember EVERY detail including the time I returned and watched it all happen. I even knew the people that hit us and was taken to the wrong hospital allowing me to come back at the same hospital that I was born at. There is nothing about June 13, 1981 That I can forget. And also love it can be a weakness but NOTHING is too small...we must open our eyes, minds and hearts to even the detail...for it has great importance.

    I would love to share and hear your experience as well. I am at:

    Hugs and Blessings Turtledust

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