I dream of devil. new Guest at church resemble the man in my dream?

  • It may be a wierd coincidence?

    3-4 days before Sunday. I dream of class mates been afraid of the devil in the school hall. My next class what tought by this "man". after I seen him I wasent as scared of the unknown, but still afraid.

    On Sunday, we had a quest speaker who gave his testimony how he changed his life. He was an ex-Italian mobster from new York. After church he was affering a book sighning, my sisters and I just got close to him to "see how beatiful the was is". I looked at him he seem spooky in a mild way, maybe because the thought of this man that commited hatful crime in the past (not sure). Today as I'm driving to school, it came to me out if no where. this man from church dressed sharp just like bad man in my dream and has similar face features!!!

    Can anyone please please explain this to me?

  • Dear Sweetoty,

    We can be inner connected to the universe and this is what happened to you. I can think about a certain movie and talk about it to my husband, and than the next day I will turn on the TV and it will be on. I can think about a certain person and will hear from them very soon. This is called a psychic picture that you preceive before it will happen. Your intutition is opening up and you should be glad that it is , as it will become very helpful in life for you.

  • thank so much shuabby!! I get those special dream now and then. thank you for cunforming they mean more then just being a crazy coincidence..

    Blessings to you Shuabby, what you do here means a lot to many of us.

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