Scorpio guy advice. . . .HELP please!!!

  • Im a scorpio female born 15th November and he's a Scorpio 14 th November.

    I met a scorpio guy, the first time we met we just clicked and felt that instant attraction. We talked for 2 hours about everything and nothing. He told me he was from a different city, he had come to visit his aunt who was ill. WE got on so well that he started to come to see e at work, everyday he would come i felt something which I never felt for anyone before. Everytime we would talk either he would look away or I did, i could just see that spark in his eyes everytime he smiled at me. My friend noticed he was staring at me everytime I was looking away. Anyway he kept coming back to my work place everyday infact twice a day. I noticed he didn't talk much from the first day we met, he would just say hello and then just stand infront of my desk and anticipate in any conversation me and my work collegue would have and she noticed he would look at me everytime I wasn't looking. At the beginning I thought he liked my friend as she got more of a conversation out of him than I did but, but there was a couple of days where I wasn't at work and he didn't turn up, although my friend used to be there. Anyway he came to see me every time for 2 weeks. One day my friend asked him if he liked me, he said I was nice and will see what happens. Funny enough he didn't even ask me my name. My friends used to drop hints why don't you ask for her number or why don't you ask her out but he used to get shy and brush it off. Anyway after 2weeks I decided to give him my number, so i wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to him. He called me 2 days later he called "withheld" which unfortunately I missed. I was very upset as I was expecting his call but when he did call I missed it. my instincts told me it was him but because I never had a number I was restless. Anyway he came back to my work place a couple of days later and said I called you but you didn't answer. I just got to the point and said " it was unknown number, so I didn't answer it" he said his phone was set on withheld so he gave me 2 miscalls. Anyway I acted all cool as if I wasn't bothered. He came to see me the next day again stood infront of the desk, anticipated in mine and my friends conversation and sadfully never came back. It's been nearly 3 months since the last time I seen him. He's not called me or come to my work place. I just don't know what happened to him.

    Im in a real state I just don't know what happened to him, first I thought maybe he was playing with my head, or maybe he wasn't that into me orelse he would have made an effort to get in contact with me, but my friends re-assured me he deffinately liked me orelse he would never have come to see me twice a day everyday especially when I was on shift. Im just sooo confused don't know what has happened funny thing is I didnt even get the chance to ask him where he was staying or anything about his family/friends. I've tried to move on but it's been 3 months and I still cant get him out my head. I can just see him smiling or staring at me. I feel so restless right now, dont know what to think!!!!

    Although my instincts tell me he was genuine and he will be back, but what do you think my question is will he be back, did he really like me or was he just killing time????

  • This is not a good relationship for love. Although you both tend to be strong individuals, together you can be somewhat ineffective, because both of you want to be the boss. As a result, you can end up pitted against one another like rivals, competitiors, or adversaries. The solution is for one of you to give ground, leaving the top spot to the other, or else for you both to compromise, de-escalating the power struggles and perhaps agreeing to a lower but equal footing. This will be hard to do, for your relationship tends to bring out your aggression and fighting spirit. But the alternative is to wind up doing nothing or to settle fearfully for less than the best, since any initiative seems to arouse resistence.

    A love affair or marriage in this combination rarely works out. Your shared tendency towards secrecy - you both like to hide your emotions behind smoke screens - is amplified here. In the absence of having any clue as to what the other person is thinking or feeling, you two will have to try to interpret each other's behaviour and will usually end up inferring devious motives and deceit. The lack of empathy and the level of suspicion here bodes ill for the relationship's survival. Should one or both of you only be out for what you can get, the days of the relationship will be numbered, since neither of you will tolerate being treated this way (even when you are acting that way yourselves).

    No he won't be back - he's returned home, lucky for you!

  • Scorpo-sting,

    what do you think: he was not contented, seeking always for something better.

    will he be back: no.

    did he really like me: no.

    or was he just killing time???? yes.

    Now I observe those same attitudes and judgments happening at every turn.

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