Will I Relocate?????????

  • Can someone please tell me if I will relocate. I currently live in fort collins,colorado and i have been thinking about relocating to roswell, New Mexico. Can anyone tell me if they see me relocating there or anywhere else. Thank you in advance my dob is 5/17/1987 initials are cmm. thanks again

  • Hi Hon

    I sense u will relocate BUT that said its ur choise. Free will n all. So if ya have the finance for it, a new abode n so on, why not? change is good n i sense warmth so to me thats success n good times to come. But its UR choise n ur choise alone. Why i say it is bc this IS UR life, u hafta be happy with it. Non else can for ya. ok? good!

    cwb 😉

  • thank you. well i dont have the finance to move but i was thinkin about moving down with my dad as he owns 2 houses and since i am single mother that would save me money and i was thinkin about doing that until i could back up on my feet. thank you again

  • Dear Taurusbaby22

    Yes you will go to MX and live there for I get a 3 with it. You will take some schooling , feels like medical or do you have a skill in the artist area? You will build a way to take care of yourself and children and than you will move to southern CA with the help of a man that you meet . He is tall and slender and has black hair and eyes he is of mixed heritage. He will be of help to you in your second move and than you two will deceide if this is a lasting affair of the heart or a stepping stone to someone else to spend the rest of your life with.

    Good Things Coming


  • Shuabby,

    Thank you and I have been wanting to go to school for a career in the medical area. Right now I am currently in a relationship with a guy who fits that description except he is in prison right now. And things are going very well with him. Thanks again for the reading

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