Virgo who broke my heart

  • My babys father got me pregnant and stayed with me the entire time until i had the baby...when i had the baby, he was there for 2 months after that. I was truly in love with him and he says he is me but he robbed our house and took all my mothers jewelry so that he could buy drugs and i knew nothing about it...I feel so stupid for not knowing...well hes in jail now and hes going to be getting out soon.He has written me many letters about how sorry he is but I could just never go back with someone like that if there is no trust. Im afraid when he gets out hell be able to sweet talk me and i dont want that to happen...Even if that doesnt happen, now i have MAJOR trust issues and have had a lot going on lately.I just feel like i will never be in a "real relationship" again. He is a virgo and im a cancer btw.

  • Hi Sweetie

    Congrats on the baby. I hear strongly RESTRAINING ORDER. See if you cant get that on him. And make it as far away as possible. If n oughta say WHEN he breaks it its back to jail. Guys like this is bad news n he wont change. I feel once u get the restraining order you will feel more secure n by it more confident n less scared.

    I´d also lean on your parents.

    I hope this helps.


  • thanks but what about the baby

  • Do u seriously wanna expose ur baby to that kind pf man /person`? I know he is the baby+s dad but seriously?

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