I need help

  • Anyone who thinks they can do a reading on this please help me...my best friend recently passed away and now im having mixed feelings for her boyfriend...part of me feels like this is wrong...and part of me doesnt.i would just like to know if he is maybe having some mixed emotions...but im afraid to ask him bc i want to be friends with him either way...and hes in jail so theres no way for me to talk to him about this in person...and im afraid its inappropriate...

  • Well, I don't really know about reading, but it all depends on what you believe, right? I mean if something is telling you that it is wrong, and wouldn't do it to a friend, who is/unfortunately not alive, then you shouldn't tell him anything. If your relationship with your friend was such that she wouldn't mind if you honestly did, then I am sure she would want to see you happy. It all depends, either way, you should wait for him to get out of jail first and still see if the feelings are there. It is inappropriate, no offense, because your friend just recently passed away. Wait to see if its not just a fleeting emotion.

  • As you said their still 'mixed emotions.'

  • thank you, i didnt mean jump into a relationship right now ya know?i just miss my friend so much im feeling confused...its not like oh shes out of the way now...its not like that at all its just that this is my best friend and it could just be crazy emotions...and probably is...but thank you for the help.

  • Hey sorry I couldn't be of more help. Although yea, I am sure your not just thinking about her at all, if they are just mixed emotions, could even be you see him so much your mistaking it for emotion...well because you guys share a common loss and that brings people together in grief and can lead to confused feelings.

    Its a pure psych analysis.

  • Shirtpocket, let the emothions and feeling path by you right now you are in mourning of your lost friend you connected to her soul and feeling are not really yours.... Take time for grief and let all emotional feeling pass by you.... look at them observed them but do not make actions any... wait for the grief went away... only then you can act upon your feeling....

  • thanks so much for the advice guys 🙂 it makes a lot of sense.

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