Confused Cancer...NEED HELP!

  • Hey guys,

    I been reading this forum for a while and I wanted to ask you all a question, basically the reason I signed up! So I had a crush on this Taurus boy (I am a Cancer btw) for quite some time and decided to tell him, because it was killing me inside. He was my good friend and he did have a gf at the time, i told him so he would know why i was acting weird and confused and wanted distance. And I knew he liked his gf a lot so it wasn't like i was expecting much, its just when i realized i liked him i knew everything i would do would have that extra touch because i liked him and i felt guilty (sorry guys if u dont get what i am saying...its a longer story than that but i just want to sum up.)

    So he didnt talk to me for a while, but this year we became good friends again. He actually said he would like a 'deeper connection with me as friends', like knowing each other on a whole intimate level. I had my own insecurities and reserves and he always pushed me to open up, but always said "take your time no one is forcing you." He thinks about everything I do ALOT and it started bugging me. We had so many discussions on how I may be indecisive, or show double standards, just about on everything. Well one time, he just got pissed at me because he feels like i act like he doesn't care about me at all, and i have all these doubts about becoming close and run away even though hes never done anything to me (he hasn't but my own insecurities and bad friendship in the past just make it hard for me.)

    I told him maybe I was too emotional for him and too much to handle, and so we shouldnt be friends and he was like no no. He was like come on dont say that, but in the end hes like if thats what you want i dont have much of a choice. But then I realized I was being silly and emotional in the moment and i said sorry. he said he just needed a breather for a while and we needed a break sort of, cuz he wouldnt be able to handle another discussion like our last one. the thing is, he hasnt and I havent messaged because I am giving him his space. Like what should I do, what has set him off so bad, and how long do you think he will take. all very confusing i know!

  • btw he has broken up with his gf now

  • Any help would be great!

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