Spiritual Connections

  • I met a man last May who I believe I have some type of spiritual connection with but I'm not sure where to go from here. The man is someone who I've only ever talked with face to face three times, most recently last month, and each time the feeling grows stronger. Unfortunately, he is a VERY busy man and travels constantly. I have not had the opportunity to just sit down and talk to him and I feel like we need to. I've spent about $7,500 in the last year to go on vacations to see him, he hasn't asked, he's in a band and I go to their concerts, and as a single mother I SHOULD NOT be doing that but it's almost like I'm addicted. He has told me also that we've connected but that's as far as the discussion has ever gone. Personally, I'm having a hard time dealing with all the little things when we are not around eachother that happens. Things like our mind being at the same place at the same time. It's an amazing feeling to feel that inmeshed with someone but it's a double edged sword since I have to just deal with it and not even get to talk to him very often. Any suggestions?

  • My 2nd hubby is in a band and I was a single mum just separated after 15 yrs of marriage when I met him!!! I can base my advice on personal experience and life on the road....first of all, despite your strong feelings, you need to do your homework. You need to find out if he is in a relationship at all ....if so,stay away...you may think its fun to be a groupie but it can be very demeaning & you won't be taken seriously. Watch him after the concert....is he surrounded by adoring women,is he flirtacious? Does he acknowledge you when he spots you in a crowd at the concert? Next time he talks to you, tell him you'd love to get together for a chat, perhaps suggest a spot of lunch when he's free and hand him yr mobile number. If he calls or texts take it from there....if he doesn't, don't swallow the notion that he's too busy for you....still enjoy the concerts if you want to but maybe you should transfer your affections elsewhere.Good luck.

  • If this man doesn't acknowledge the effort you have taken to see him, especially the financial committment of the travel then he is not worth it. I have met men before where I have felt something extra special and it hasn't gone anywhere. I have done similar things with a man before to see him on my dime and now I am like, well if a man doesn't want to contribute financially for us to see each other then he is not serious like I am.

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