TheHangedWoman - success or failure?

  • Success and failure are so different. But it takes so little to fail, and also so little to succeed. The gap between the two is enormous, although so little to make a difference in either or the other direction.

    To succeed - what does it take? Faith in the impossible, endurance and patience, and last but not the least: a willingness to surrender totally to the highest will, a willingness to surrender totally to the best outcome, whatever that may be. Also to follow inner guidance. With the right guidance from within one knows the right way, the right solution, the right answer. Although to practice that path, to walk that path, is another matter.

    The path that is the right one to follow may be painful. Even torture. Because it may require total dedication to the highest path. It may require to surrender what one wants to the highest, to let go of ones own will, to let go of ones own desires and wishes. It may demand to work against all logic and all common sense. Because the guidance from Above may have no logic to the mind that is trained in understanding the logic and common sense of the world. To follow the right path may cause a crisis that feels like dying, because all illusions have to be let go of.

    And they are many and they are powerful. They are created by past experiences, they are learned by traumas, they are learned by setbacks. Illusions stronger than what one person can fight against. In fact, they can not be fought against. They can just be let go of. Even if it hurts.

    It is hard to be this patient. But even harder to stop. It is easy to stop, but I must not. Even if I will have a difficult time before I reach there, once I have gotten there there will be no way back. And there will be an incredible feeling of peace and love when I am finished. Probably I will not be finished, just come up to a higher level. But finished with what I am doing now - will I succeed or will I fail? I dont know. I know, but I dont know. My patience is getting less. I thought I would have succeded by now. Why am I not there?

    I feel like swearing and shouting a bit. I have to continue my path to healing of my life, but oh so long time it is taking. Still not finished!

    But at the same time something is happening all the time. Improvement all the time. sometimes very good, sometime it becomes quite bad before the good becomes even better than before. Like up and down, very much down, very much up, very much down again, even higher up than last time. Up, down. Up again. Down again. Everlasting inner peace and success in life: Come to me. I believe in You and I accept You. You are my goal, my path and my life.

    I wish us all to prosper and heal and that we all find everlasting inner and outer peace in this lifetime and forever after.

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  • Hi Bente, thanks for the comment.

    Watergirl, thanks for the cards. Interesting with the Jack and the Beanstalk comparison with the Hanged Man. And yes, my screen name is inspired by the hanged man in tarot.

    Thanks for your inspiring words.

    I wish that it means that I will succeed. Is that what you are trying to tell me ?

    But unfortunately noone can just give me such an answer. I have to just trust that what I am doing is from the right source, as I feel it. I feel it is from the highest (from God). But I am abit pessimistic nowadays. I thought I would have succeeded by now. I am a bit fed up, but at the same time I dont want to give up. And at the same time I feel I will fail, at the same time as I feel that I will succeed. I just have to not let the negative win over me.

    I need to think positively! Even though I am beginning to doubt that I will make it. I am fed up. But I have to make it. Actually I do think that I will succeed, but I am just a bit tired nowadays, tired of continuing with the same battle. I think I will fail, and I think I will succeed - both at the same time.

    Thanks again for your posts.

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  • Thanks Watergirl.

    It is a bit strange, because I fear both the success and the failure. Both will be bad and both will be good. I have a strange strange situation. I am afraid to get what my ego wants, and I am afraid to get what my soul wants. If my soul (the highest will) get what it wants, I will have to let go of that wich my ego wants. Oh no, I dont want that, but I have to, I can not get both. If my ego gets what it wants, then I dont get what my highest will wants, and I loose that wich I get what my soul wishes. Both are very strong outcomes, and both would be good in one way and bad in another way.

    The best is though to surrender the ego and let the highest will be done. When the ego is surrendered I will become healed from that level and blessed abundantly. If only I let go of what my ego wants, I will be free. The ego is very strong, and when it is surrendered to the highest will it will be put in its right place and I will know who I am. Always guided by the ego separates me from who I in reality am. It is a fight between forces in me.

    I know what is the best, but will I make it? The answer is that I will make it if I manage to surrender everything to the Allmighty in full trust that The Allmighty knows best. I surrender. It requires an incredibly strong faith in that inner guidance that comes from the Highest. Because the ego always tries to make sure that I dont succeed. Because to succeed is to surrender everything to God, and that includes to surrender what the ego wants. That is called a crisis, if the ego fights very strongly.

    Thanks for your replies.

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  • Yes. You are right in that. That is what The Hanged Man stands for. The reward in surrendering is healing of the soul. And from there I get everything I will ever need in this life and in the next life.

  • That one above is an answer on what you said about that I may get what my ego wants even if I surrender it to the highest.

  • I am convinced that what you said there is true.

    There is a temptation that I have waited for. I have waited for a temptation for about 4 years now. It is a temptation to get what I always have wanted, but thought that I was not good enough for. Now I have something else. If I choose what I always have wanted I will have to choose away what I have.

    What I have will give me what I truly want for my soul, if I believe in it and accept it.

    What my ego wants and have wanted for about 16 years will not be possible to combine with what my soul wants. I want healing for my soul. Completely, not half-way. Deep and abundant inner peace received and granted from the Highest (God). If I get what I have wanted since I was 16, I will live a life without that spiritual development that I seek without stop. Then I will be so satisfied that I will not feel the need to develop myself spiritually anymore.

  • Also if I stick to what I already have, I will get what my ego also wants: Success.

    That wich I was supposed to have when I was 16, and wich I rejected because I thought I was not worthy to it - that is from the past. I should let go of it. I can not repair the past by getting that wich I wanted then.

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