Need help with love and career future. Very confused

  • I'm a Cancer (6/29/1988) and I have been having a lot of issues with my family in regards to my career path (I want to go into law enforcement). They would like me to work one place and I would like to work elsewhere. I would like some advise. Should I take their advise or should I stick with my intuition and go where I want. This is causing major issues between my mother and myself.

    I would also like some advise on my love life. I like this guy that I teach with and I have a feeling he likes me but I am not entirely sure. Could someone give me some insight into what is or is not happening between us? (He is a Pieces).

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Hon.

    Question, who´s life is it? urs or ur moms? who has to live it? u or ur mom?

    Water n water always a great match. How about asking him out for coffee or a date. in 2010 its allowed 4 women 2 show they like a guy. Secretly is men thrilled women hunt them. Ease into it. if the date turns into more .................. allow time to pass n see where it brings ya.

    best of luck


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