• i should have been a little more in depth with my question .we met 3yrs and 4 mos ago online . his b day is 2 /19/1947 mine is 4/29/1940. we communicated a lot in the beginning but latey . he seesm to talk only when convenient to him . if i sned a message and he doesnt want to reply he will ignore me . we live 6 hrs away from each other and have planned to mee 3 times but each time something comes up like an illness for him .recently we havent communicated much so 2 and a half weeks ago i sent an e mail to him explaing how i felt .that i felt relationships took 2 people . and i cared for him a great deal .but maybe it wasnt possible for him to have a he.s become distant and wouldnt answer the e mail . question is so i stick around and hope to hear from him eventually or should i run ? seems over 3 yrs is a long time to just give till see him onliine but he;s usually invisible and i have sent no more messages or e mail cant seem to figure this guy out . help .

  • maybe u could do a compatibility reading for me

  • captain could u do a compatibity reading for me my b day is 4/29/1940 his is 2/19/1947 thanks

  • I have already done this for you in your last post.

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