To leoscorpion, a reading request

  • hi leoscorpion if it is possible for you, can you read my and my bf natal charts i really really really need it.

    my natal chart

    4 march 1987

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 13.38 Ascendant Libra 17.26

    Moon Taurus 12.44 II Scorpio 15.04

    Mercury Pisces 3.32 R III Sagittarius 16.17

    Venus Aquarius 1.40 IV Capricorn 19.53

    Mars Taurus 8.22 V Aquarius 22.55

    Jupiter Aries 0.29 VI Pisces 22.28

    Saturn Sagittarius 20.35 VII Aries 17.26

    Uranus Sagittarius 26.24 VIII Taurus 15.04

    Neptune Capricorn 7.39 IX Gemini 16.17

    Pluto Scorpio 9.50 R Midheaven Cancer 19.53

    Lilith Cancer 11.21 XI Leo 22.55

    Asc node Aries 11.50 XII Virgo 22.28

    Sun in V

    Moon in VII

    Mercury in V

    Venus in IV

    Mars in VII

    Jupiter in VI

    Saturn in III

    Uranus in III

    Neptune in III

    Pluto in Ascendant

    Lilith in IX

    Asc node in VI


    18 june 1986

    Sun Gemini 26.46 Ascendant Leo 20.53

    Moon Scorpio 2.39 II Virgo 12.49

    Mercury Cancer 20.36 III Libra 9.54

    Venus Leo 2.57 IV Scorpio 12.41

    Mars Capricorn 22.33 R V Sagittarius 18.26

    Jupiter Pisces 21.55 VI Capricorn 21.56

    Saturn Sagittarius 4.53 R VII Aquarius 20.53

    Uranus Sagittarius 20.06 R VIII Pisces 12.49

    Neptune Capricorn 4.39 R IX Aries 9.54

    Pluto Scorpio 4.44 R Midheaven Taurus 12.41

    Lilith Gemini 12.26 XI Gemini 18.26

    Asc node Aries 28.15 XII Cancer 21.56

    Sun in XI

    Moon in III

    Mercury in XI

    Venus in XII

    Mars in VI

    Jupiter in VIII

    Saturn in IV

    Uranus in V

    Neptune in V

    Pluto in III

    Lilith in Midheaven

    Asc node in IX

    and here is the other values you might need

    04/03/1987 Aspect 1 8/06/1986 Orb/Value

    Mercury Square Saturn 1.07 -130

    Mercury Sextile Neptune 0.54 62

    Mercury Trine Pluto 0.59 62

    Venus Opposition Venus 1.49 -93

    Mars Opposition Pluto 3.27 -36

    Jupiter Trine Venus 2.47 52

    Saturn Square Jupiter 1.22 -95

    Saturn Conjunction Uranus 0.29 102

    Uranus Opposition Sun 0.34 -99

    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 2.60 62

    340 -453 -113

  • addictedto love

    I don't know if the chart is correct, but a quick read :

    he is prone to depression, bipolar tendency. don't take it to heart if he says hurtful things, half of it he doesn't realize it with pluto in the 3rd house.

    your pluto is in the house of self, pluto's regenerative ability is boosting your physical. you generally recover fast from physical injury and sickness, but not necessarily emotional wounds (heartbreak and such) or spiritual attack (if you've ever had any). you may attract either abusive/ controlling people or those willing to submit to you.

    you don;t always understand each other. this is normal, since your moons are opposite each other. he can be oversensitive and easily jealous over small things. his passion is deep, so is his hate if you ever cross him. you, on the other hand, are more of sentiments and beauty. you remember good times in the past, hoping the future is that cheerful. you are all for romance, he is passion. he can be romantic, but not so much sentiments and nostalgia.

    intellectually, you share many similar interests, despite of some emotional rough rides. he can be stubborn and secretive, fixed in his ways. you are more willing to meet others half way. this relationship will need a lot of patience from you, and willingness to open up from him. Just remember when things are rough, opt for intellectual discussion. don't give in to emotional blunder, you will be dead meat here. invite him to use reasoning, this is where you can both meet and understand each other. just remember don't try to change him and don't let him change you or control you.

    hope this helps and sorry I don' have much time to read more.

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