Need advice this relationship

  • I have been dating this guy for about 3 years now. We have split and gone back together repeated times. His past life has caused him to have alot of issues with commitment and anger issues. He has told me to be patient things will be how they are suppose to be. But he does not want to talk about us at all. I am confused. I would rather him move on with his life than keep trying to mine on hold. Am I being selfish, is this really meant to be?

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  • I don't think you're being selfish either. Go with your gut instinct .

  • Well I tryed talking to him last night. And this is the third within that I have tried to do this. Everytime he has told me that he does not want to talk about it. I told him before I would go any further we both needed to know what each other wants and where we wanted it to go. I am a big person on don't waste my time. He said I told you I did not want to talk about it. I said well I am not going to be with someone that is not going to be around my kid and that is playing mind games with me. He said well move on then in anger. I told him that I had moved on before if he would leave me alone I will continue. He hung up on me!

    We have split gone back together numerous time. He had a girl that told me she had been with him and he said he didn't. He hangs with this girl along with her family and his exgirlfriends. He thinks I am suppose to be ok with this. I am not suppose to have any problems with this. But yet he cannot deal with me hanging with my exhusband. But of course I never put him in this situation. I can move on with my life from the situation, but it is hard.

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  • Please may I ask... What is his sign??

  • Hi, Sounds like he likes it "as is." What did you want to see come out of this relationship. Are your shooting for marriage (no pun intended.) Don't think he's into that right now. Sounds like you want him to verbalize his inner most feelings. Sounds like he's not into that either. Figure out exactly what you want and then decide if you truly want to move on.

  • Don't take this the wrong way girl friend,but it's been three years! Don't settle for less,unless that's all you think you're worth. There are good fish waiting to be caught,but first you have to know what it is that you're hoping to catch. Cast your line into a fresh pond and let them nibble at your hook until you are sure that this is the right catch for you. Take it from THEWIZE1 and keep your drawers on!

  • scorpio is his sign the same as mine! That is why it is hard. We both are very hardheaded!

  • Well believe or not this man showed up at my house this weekend. He came to me and wanted to talk. He spoke his mind and what was on his heart. And so did I. I think he finally realized it is not as hard as he makes it out to be. He has always assumed that if you talk that it basically yelling at each other. I really feel like this is something that has occured from his past. I feel like his mother always yelled at him when she got onto him. That is why when you talk to him about him he feels the same way. I showed him that you can talk about us and not end in an argument there is no reason. He left there no argueing and actually a happy person. Do you ever feel like god has put you in situations that you cannot figure out why it is so though but you know you have a purpose! Talking to him was the first step and my understanding of his life and how he thinks. He needs to have more respect for how I feel and he understands this. So we will see where this goes. He needs alot of prayer, please pray for him!

  • Sweet cheeks, just make sure you don't start letting him slide again. Make up your mind what you want and stick to your guns. He very well may be saying just what he thinks you want to hear so you won't walk away and he's got you back on a leash. Don't let that happen unless that's where you want to be.

  • Believe me my guard is up. The difference is before I used to sit around and wait on him. I don't anymore. I have new friends and a new outlook. If he is going to be part of that then he has to respect how I feel. If not he can move on and so can I. And he realizes I can because I do have a different life.

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