Head in a bit of a mess!!

  • Ok guys, new to this I'll do my best.

    I'm in a long term relationship (22 yrs) have two wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter but I am so very unhappy. My relationship with my partner is in trouble and has been for sometime, we met when I was just 17 (my only partner) and feel that we have grown up and grown apart. I work full time, he doesn't work at all, is depressed, always ill etc, I have always been the main bread winner, as well as trying to bring the family up. I do my best and feel that I don't get anything back in return, while he is home he does cook, clean etc which I am very grateful for but I don't love him anymore. I am not physically attracted to him and love him like a brother. I don't want to continue living the way Iam.

    The beginning of this year I met a very special person (or so I thought!) I have known him for about 4 yrs as he is a supplier at work but we started chatting and got on very well. We started emailing, texting regularly and in April we met for the first time. To begin with I was not physically attracted to him but he was very charming and I feel for his personality. We met again in May and thought I had met the man of my dreams but alas it all went wrong and for reasons I am still unsure of to this day. However I cannot get this guy out of my head, he is going to Australia in December for a month and really wanted to see him before he went but every time I asked he had an excuse. I've tried my best to persuade him but it seems that he got what he wanted and now doesn't want to know.

    I know I should move on but this has totally devastated me and I can't seem to forget. He has promised that we will met up in January when he returns, my heart tells me to hold out for this guy but my head is telling me to forget it.

    Can anyone give me any advise, will I ever see him again?

  • "he got what he wanted and now doesn't want to know."

    That is your answer. ...and no don't hold out for him, because it will never amount to anything, ( Although you will probably hold out)

    If you want a chance at love again you need to leave your partner and start fresh. Otherwise you are asking for trouble and heartache... Love blossoms best when we can give our all.. when people are already in a relationship, Wether serious or not, Wether there is love there or not, it is not wise to start another. Start fresh, cut all loose ends and then you will have what you need and want.

  • Thanks dangala, I know that's the right thing to do. And the obvious answer but it really has messed me up, it's not something I do all the time and thought he might have been my knight in shinning armour!! I guess I was hoping someone would say it will all work out!!


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