Do all Pisces do this?!?!? long post

  • I feel like when I am in a relationship I can thrive on anything. Like I feel more ambitious & more determined maybe its easier knowing someone is there. Problem is its hard to find someone who is going to stick around while I pursue my own life. I am obsessed with my freedom but at the same time I know when to tone it down for the sake of my boyfriend. I havent been in a serious relationship in 6 years I decided when I turned 20 that Id take a break for awhile & be single turned out to be 5 years exact.

    When I was 25 I got involved with someone we just jumped right in.. & it felt sooo good but I guess he wanted a lot more attention & he tried to get it in a negative way and ended up leaving me for his ex... I was really hurt from that cause once I make a commitment I stick to it... cause Im focused on so much more.. Well this summer I met someone a Libra... I was still hooked on the last guy.. & he his ex... We were both hurt pretty bad & kinda like we were going through the same difficulties after them... I didnt want to be holding onto that that long but the feeling was all new to me.

    Well my Libra and I have been playing the back & forth game since the bginning never making any kind of official things... til the end of the summer it got pretty bad... I wanted to know where I stand so I can focus on other things in my life.. I became to pushy & overwhelming... I just wanted to jump thats all I ddint have time to keep impressing him... He either wanted it or he didnt... I weas just mixed between taking it slow & jumping since I was really hurt before... & so was he.. however things got really bad... he just said to forget him & he didnt want what I was looking for... I never completely explained what I was looking for because I have no idea... Im still adjusting from frequent dating life to wanting more but how to go about it without looking desperate... which I am because I want someone there... whos got my back... Anyway Im really trying to find ways to fix this...

    So tomorrow when I talk to him I want to just tell him I really like him a lot... & I want to know if he'd give this another chance... & be my boyfriend... he doesnt need to be giving me attention all the time.. I can adjust well.. We both havent been in something like this for a long time...

    I just really needed time to love myself again in order to really love somebody else... that heart ache was so new to me... & I knew that if I loved myself I would be able to see past my Libras flaws.. I know I can bring more to this relationship I just couldnt make the move or sincerely be a part of it if I couldnt even be myself.... There was so much I missed though through this summer that i could have made even more magical for him... I dont know if we could start over & have my chance to show him my true self! If I cant at least I know I can stand on my own two feet again & do right with the next one... I dont know if he will though.

    Anyway do other Pisces feel they dont see what they have right in front of them? Like it sometimes takes me sometime to really get somewhat comfortable with someone. I dont know though that he would see that or appreciate that or believe me. Could two people really start over? Or should I just let it go? My confidence then was so shot.. Im 27 and was going through some serious life changes & worrying about my future. And actually today was the first time I actually let the old heartache go completely. I was just being very cautious.

    If anybody would like to do a reading... Your more then welcome...

  • Hi Sweetie!

    Yes to me this seems a very typical pisces thing, or women thing. When we face n is with someone as great we question is he too good to b true. Dunno but somehow we push as if we want it yesterday. deep down however we´re happier with the pace the man sets.

    2 people can start over again but it takes a step admiting u made a mistake.

    Like u have i fallen 4 a libra, n like u i pushed n lost him. years later i by chance refind him in a different city. i ask ought i? i told myself i had already lost something valuable n IF i would get it back EVEN as a friend alone i´d b happy. Satisfied.

    So i sat down, thinking how can i best approach him? It came to me, be truthful. lay ur cards down, tell how the time at the breakup fall out was for you, what made you move as you did, think as you did, act as you did, then apologize.

    I knew my libra was is a writer so i sent him something personal, start of a book.

    it went 14 days before he replied. by email. Ill never forget that day. NEVER!

    Not only did he forgive me, he opted to be friends and take it slow. its now 2 years since. I never regret i went on a limb saying ive already lost n the question if only would nag n bite me.

    At least i´d have my answer. one way or another.

    Closure of round 2. So dear, what have u to loose by bearing ur soul n reach out for him?

    best if luck.


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