Need an urgent reading please, help me a second time....Captain

  • I know captain helped me once before about a virgo man, this time its a taurean and came out of the blue, saying a hundred times that he loved me madly and would marry me, etc etc, i first accepted his proposal for a relationship then i thought that he was saying nothing but a bunch of lies to me as he was married with 2 kids, i decided to test him and told him that i was ready to take divorce from my husband and get married to him, because I am unhappy too with my married life and am looking for a suitable partner. When he heard this, he started making excuses and avoided talks on phone, rather he would just keep cracking jokes and divert attention. He would chat with me for hours at his convenience and would not pick up my phone and just avoid me when busy. Then finally after 11 days of online relationship I finally said that enough of his lying as he was trying to start a relationship based on lies and false assurances and that he should never try to contact me again, he said its so easy for u to break my heart everytime and then he texted me that day that i love u , i miss u badly and then stopped.

    I want your insight on this matter, if he was seriously involved with me or was just saying I love u to use me in his own way, and if u see him contacting me again. Please help Captain...please

  • No he wasn't serious about you - he just wanted to have an affair as he is bored with his life and marriage. If you weren't so desperate for love, you would be able to be more objective about these sort of shady lightning-fast propositions. Be wary when someone you don't know well jumps in so early on to say they love you. That may be what you want to hear but it's rarely true when it's this abrupt and quick.

  • Thanks Captain, although disappointing but every moment teaches a lesson in life and I am growing with it. Thanks again.

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