Pisces man a puzzle that I can't work out.

  • Hi I am a virgo woman and I am having some problems with a pisces guy. He's just sooooo weird. To begin with he chased me and I wasnt interested. Then we went out and I began to like him...things progressed but now one day he will be all nice to me and then the next time he might as wel ignore me or something its just ruuuuuude!

    At THE CAPTAIN could you please do a reading for me? What is going on? My birth date is 02/09/87 and his is 17/03/92. Would be much appreaciated as I need to shed some light on this situation. I have a feeling that this is someone that I shouldn't just be giving up on. Thers something there but maybe I've done soemthing wrong I'm not sure. Pleeeease help 🙂

  • SoulSister, the mental connection between you makes a relationship irresistible. Communication in your love affair may be of the very personal sort, where you two develop a private language not fully understood by other people. But you are much more practical-minded than your imaginative friend and you will mostly be concerned with what is being said while he is more interested in how it's being said or with what is being symbolized. You can help him to hone his ideas to a fine edge of practicality, while he can lend a vivid spark of inspiration to your earth-bound thinking. You understand each other well but you must be careful not to become isolated from or misunderstood by family and friends. Together you may share an interest in technical innovations such as new computer software, video games and Internet developments. In pursuing these interests, you two can sometimes overload on each other's company, creating problems in your contacts with others. Your other friends and family members may feel rejected or resentful.

    The real problem here is that you SoulSister are not into feelings and emotions and your friend is. For him, life is all about showing passion, dreams/fantasies, and love for what he does and who he loves. He is the dancer/dreamer and you are the builder/pragmatist. He needs to see more of your feelings because he thinks you turn off to him sometimes. You two have very different natures and it may not be possible for you SS to give your friend all the emotion he wants from a close friend/lover.

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