All you need is love <3.

  • Hi all, I have started one topic before and asked for someone to put my mind at ease to do with my up coming Uni Results, I find out soon if I get in and all I needed was a little encouragement to make me feel a little more secure about my future education. Thankyou ConfusedScorpion ;3...

    However now I thought that I would ask for help on another matter which is almost constantly on my mind, Love. Now I am only 18 and I realise that I have plenty of time to find Love and all that but when you have never had a boyfriend and practically never had anyone show interest in you unless they are under the influence of alcohol, also I have kept my innocence(if you get my meaning:))... Anyway you tend to lose hope. I was told by a Psychic that my true love will be someone that had been in my life previously, they have always been vague and never really said anything when I were to ask them about love. However one did answer a question for me, I for a while had wanted to become a Nun and then I found out that in a past life I was a Nun. I thought that was, I suppose cool, also made me feel nice to know that I had faith in God in another life as well as this one...^.^...

    Anyway! Back to the point, I should probably mention that since I was young after an accident that left me scarred mentally and physically, when it comes to emotions I tend to have trouble expressing them, I could be head over heels for someone and yet not show them in any way... So I don't know, maybe that's why I always end up as the one left out...

    Sorry for writing so much but I felt the need to explain myself, also I have read posts on here of women who are having trouble with husbands or going through divorces and what not, so I just wanted to apologise in advance if this seems immature because I am so young or... something...

    Anyway thankyou, even if you can't help me I am all for hearing love stories, I am a true romantic and love hearing peoples tales of their own experiences...^.^...

    Thankyou! Xxx.

    Date of Birth: 30/05/1992

  • Oh the Woe of love! D}8!


    I so just wanted to add this picture to the post, I thought it was delightful when I first saw it. And since I am talking about love and romance I thought why not!...^.^...

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  • Dear MercuryBlueFox. Do not worry that you are 18 and have not yet found your true love. Some people think they have found it, get married, go through a divorce or two and finally - in the second half of their life they run into the one they wish they had found 20 yrs earlier. But I understand your not being able to express emotions. I have had a couple of head injuries and

    I am rather the opposite - emotionally labile. I tend to be very happy, very angry, very sad.

    Sometimes I break down in tears at the slightest thing, so sometimes it makes communicating very difficult. Someday you will find someone that you do not have to communicate your feelings to by using words. It will work with a look or a touch or a gesture and you will wonder why you worried about not being able to verbally communicate. I wish you the best. And if you are going to college there is a whole other gamut of people and young scholars to meet. Consider yourself lucky that your heart is free to be able to find someone.

  • Well that's definitely one way to look at things, I can't help it though. Even though I know that one day, sure, true love will come along and all that but for the short term I would like a little insight. Just to see if there is anyone out there for me at this stage in my life, if you can understand what I'm getting at.

    My Mother says that before I had the accident I was quite the opposite of what I am now and would never leave her side, apparently I was quite affectionate. Then when I was four, while playing with a lighter I set myself on fire, since then I have been different. But I don't see how something so traumatic wouldn't change the victim.

    Thankyou for your kind words turtledust, love your username by the way! 🙂

  • Any reading or some insight into the topic at hand would be appreciated...^.^...

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  • Hey Mercury, love is exciting and love hurts! 🙂 It will make you feel as if you're in the clouds at the moon and it will also make you want to knock em to the moon! LOL.

    When I was in high school I had a crush on someone and he just played with my mind, never asking me out or anything that I wanted. He would smile and talk to me but nothing else. Then after high school, I temporarily moved an hour and a half away. I came home from work one day and he was in my driveway. He had gotten directions from my Grandmother. We had a good time. We went to eat and played at the airport. That was back before security, we could ride the moving side walks and go into the stores and restaurants and watch the planes take off through the windows. We really had a great time but I was already over him. He missed me and decided he wanted to date me and then it just wasn't there for me. I had waited for years but by then I had already given up hope. So, we parted ways and stayed friends and contacted each oher from time to time over the years just to say hey.

    If you have read any of my posts, you will know that I thought I met my match right about the same time after that. He was very good to me and I fell head over heals. Once when I was visiting a relative out of state and stayed for an extended time, his truck was in the shop and he rode the bus 12 hours just to come vsit me for a day. I still can't believe he did that. Well, things never worked out for us, we were young and he would always end up breaking my heart for his ex. I finally had enough and walked away. I cried myself to sleep every night for a long time. He was very hard to get over emotionally.

    Then I met my husband. Wow! It was, I can't even find the words to describe how wonderful I felt just being around each other, before we even started dating. I felt that I would finally get over my ex without a doubt. Once we started dating, he would stare into my eyes for so long and speak to me without talking. I have never been able to hear anyone through their eyes before, it was amazing. That started almost twenty years ago and I still remember it like it was today. We instantly started doing simple things that ended up being our own traditions. You could not keep us apart! Even before we started dating, if we were in a crowded room with other people, we always ended up side by side, without knowing it. He put me first in his life without trying and we complimented each other with anything that we were involved in. We fit like a glove. We were so much alike. Our fathers even died on the same day but different years and we had grown up together but never knew it. It was like we were made for each other. We actually slept under the stars some nights, next to a campfire on lawn chairs and listened to owls and whiper whils mating all night. He was an incredible person! I'll have to tell you some more amazing things later but eventually trouble started setting in and we had our ups and downs. After so many years together, I started thinking I was still in love with my ex. Why I don't know but love is a funny thing. I left him only one time and it was for six months. We were both miserable and I realized that I belonged back home and he felt the same way so we reunited. Things were wonderful again and we actually were on the same page as far as our goals and dreams were concerned. It was a miracle, if you knew my husband, for him to agree with me on anything. Several years after we were back together, we knew we would grow old together. We could still say I love you without saying it. When you can silently communicate, it is wonderful but it can lead to regrets... My husband was later murdered. Our last conversation was over the phone while I was at work and neither of us said I love you before hanging up. We just knew it. We usually said it but there were times we didn't. Even though I know with all I have in me, there was no need to say it, it still hurts.

    Love is a crazy crazy thing. It can make you feel like you cannot spend one more second with them and then miss them terribly the next. It changes you. It determines who you are, what you will accept and what you will not allow in your life. It shapes your values and goals. It really never changed my morals, it only strengthed them. Not sure if that's good or bad because now I think I've become hard. My values increased ten fold when I lost him. So, now I have a very low tolerance. His grandparents were still together on their 70th wedding anniversary and I wanted that soo bad! I could be so mad at him but still rush home after work just to be in his presence, to silently stick my tongue out at him when he left the room. lol I'm sure he did it to me to! I used to tell him if he wasn't nice I'd take his cane when he got older and I could never out smart him... He'd tell me I better watch out he'd block my wheel chair ramp! No matter how mad I was he could make me laugh. It's crazy when you can't stand the site of someone some days but you rush home just to be around them. That's when you know it's love.

    I see couples take each other for granted and couples that just give up and walk away and then some of you searching for love and I can only say, when it happens, cherish it while it's there. When you find true love, chose your battles so it doesn't become a battlefield. When you've been together so long you wonder if you're still in love, because the in love feeelings are gone, is the most amazing thing. I didn't know it until it was gone. I did but I didn't. We take so much for granted, it's such a shame. Love is to be cherished and handled with care.

    I wish now that I could have laughed a lot more. My husband was moody at times and never bit his lip. I wish I woud have smiled and said you look funny or something crazy instead of telling him I didn't want to hear him fuss at the door for not acting right or what ever irked him each day. I look back now and see the comedy in it, but at the moment, I was thinking Jeez... enough already....

    I agree with turtledust, it is what it is, you may fall in and out of love, then meet your soulmate that like she said wish you'd met years before. And I completely agree that if you are going to relocate, true love would be a hinderance right now unless he's willing to travel with you. It's all to easy for most to give up on their life dreams for love and then years later regret what they missed out on and the love may not still be there after all. My career choices now are nothing what they were when I was your age. Of course, you've been wanting this since the young age of 6 so I find it highly unlikely that you'll change your mind.

    I hope I'm not scaring you with my stories. I'm only trying to show you that love is sometimes not all that it's cracked up to be and then sometimes it's worth all the trouble. I was older than you when I fell in love and had no idea of what my relationship goals were. I just lived for the moment and it was great but it ended up hurting as some relationships do. I will pray for you that you make wise choices in who you allow into your heart and that you take it slow enough to learn their negatives so you can make the choice of letting them in or not. If you rush into it and then discover that it's not what you want, it's not as easy to back out when you're already seriously involved.

    I tell my children, career first, before ever thinking of marriage or starting a family. It's all to easy to fall in love and then in an instant your whole life is reversed. They have friends that thought they were in love before graduating from college and thought they met their match and wanted to get marred and ended up pregnant. It's like putting on the brakes to your dreams in the blink of an eye if school, work, baby and husband cannot all be handled at once. Then the struggling starts and it's just not worth it. Keep your eyes on your goals, you'll be there so quick, you'll look back and think how much time you devoted to your dreams was so worth the wait. Entering into love with your career behind you will make your relationship much stronger. You'll have the money for a nice wedding, if you choose marraige, and a nice home. You'll have the money for vacations together and so much more. You won't have the stress of money that so many couples allow to drive them apart.

    You sound very wise so I know in my heart you'll continue to make healthy choices. Whoever you end up falling in love with will have a true treasure. You have a lot of love to give. That is what true love is all about... After you've been together so long and the lust is gone, it's about giving. So many people think love is about receiving but when we get older and look back we remember that it's about giving... unconditional love.

    I love the picture you posted. You're definitely a romantic. I liked that that picture spoke to you. It's old school. That says a lot about your character. You seem like a deep and well prepared individual. Did you notice the dog in the chair? It is so cute!!!! The man also makes love look so fun the way he's teasing her with the food. At first it looks like they're dancing, then you notice the food. That reminds me, you know how big collard leaves are before you cook them? My husband used to chase me around the house with them trying to slap my cheek with one after he washed it. He thought that was the funniest thing to see a big wet collard leaf on my face. He did some of the craziest things and always had me guessing what he'd do next. His personality made all the trials we endured worth it in the end. I'd go back in a heart beat!

    Love will show up when you least expect it and it will be wonderful. There will be trying times but you seem level headed enough to breeze through any problems that may arise as if they were nothing at all. I hope you fall in love with someone that makes you laugh and feel good about yourself and realizes how lucky they are. Best wishes Mercury.

  • Gol-ly.... I think I just took up a whole page.LOL I could talk forever about love. Sorry!

  • You write so well ,so much so that it nearly brought me to tears. You can just tell that you speak from the heart and I thank you for doing so. The life you had with your Husband sounded truly wonderful and I can only hope that one day I will have such a relationship. I am sorry for your loss but am thankful to God that you had such a love in your life, I think everyone should.

    Thankyou also for sharing your stories and for the advice. To be honest I always thought that I belonged somewhere other then where I am, Ireland to be specific and that I knew my career would always come first and get me to where I want to go. You reminded me of that, its true, I want to have a career first or at least meet someone once my career is coming into place. Marriage is for later in life, once I'm happy and know that the person I am with is who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Again I have to say that you reminded me of that, I just have to patient, maybe its because I'm young that I am so impatient to get to places and met people. Plus I have recently discovered how fast time flies and I am absolutely marveled by it! And I'm only 18!

    I suppose the picture does say alot about me, I still believe in old fashioned romance. I want to be wooed by someone with charm and respect, who knows how to treat a lady. Such a things scarce these days but I have faith that it will come along. In the picture he is stealing a kiss from her, It brought a smile to my face. Laughter is something that would definitely seek to find in a relationship, its an important virtue to me. What your Husband use to do with the collard leaves sounds hilarious, its good that you remember the good times like that. I love your responses and how long they are! Love is meant to be rambled about!

  • As far as being scarce, you're right. I have to say I was old fashioned to and I would always make them wait on me. My husband waited on me almost six months before we even started dating. We did lunch and the beach but as far as actual dates, I drug it out as long as possible. It shows you their true intentions in the long run. And it's so worth the wait once you know they love you and it's not lust. 🙂

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