Shuabby- When you have time please.

  • Hello Shuabby,

    How are you? Hope you well. Yes it is me again with another question? Appreciate if you could perhaps please tell me what it means if you dream of people that has passed on? Been having dreams about the same people for some time now and would just like to know why please? Like my sister, sister in law (2 of them) and my mother in law??

    Appreciate it



  • Hello Chappies,

    Always so nice to hear from you my friend. When you dream of relatives that have passed on, they are visiting you from the spirit realm. You may have a lot on your mind and are very worried at this time, that is when your relatives that loved you and still do will visit in dreams, sometimes to give you messages, others to just let you know that they are with you and love you and are watching over you. It is a blessings really.


  • Hello Shuabby

    We are all so blessed to know people like you that can tell us all about these things! I was really worried about it as I was wondering "can they not find rest or something?" But that is nice to know and they never really talk? Just when I dreamed about my sister in law (she is actually my ex husbands sister but she was very sick for about 2 years before she passed on and I still visited her once a week till she passed one eventhough she was my ex "sister in law" we were still friend and I visited her ) but her husband now does not want any dealings with "us as in-laws" so have not seen them in a while. But what upset me was that in the dream she was accusing me of stealing a diamond ring from her mother that passed on long long before her and her father (also past on a month after her mother) was laying on a bed and I told him to go to sleep everything is ok? Her mother never had a diamond ring as far as I know and when she got sick we went to stay there and I cared for her. She did not like me much (as all mother in laws do suppose hey?) but my father in law was the best man ever!

    So yes I was a bit upset about this dream and it stays on my mind?

    My daughter suggest I go see someone here that she went to and I told her about you so she would probably contact you in the near future.

    Thank you again for all your responce I really appreciate it very much and you always make me feel better

    God Bless


  • I believe in this dream the sister in law was there to convey a message and that was that all that glitter is not gold and that love means more than any material procession we can own. That your father=in-law was present was a protection factor meaning he will watch over you and yours in regards to keeping who ever would need it on the stright and narrow.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    See, you got the answers girl!! Yes his grandson needs him right now, and right again as material things is not everything, I rather have the love and caring of family than anything else. Unfortuanatly we need money in this world to survive and to a lot that comes first. No wonder the bible says it is the root of all evil and I now saw it with Wayne (my other son) and the drugs, but he is THANK GOD doing fine in rehab and looking good again.

    Thank you Shuabby - As I said - You always make me feel better I am no longer worried and as long as we pray and believe we will be ok

    God Bless


    PS Went to doc with Markus again today and he is very happy with his eye THANK GOD AGAIN!

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