Big trip!

  • Hey everyone. I'm sorry, I hate asking for a reading when they aren't offered, however, this is for a precaution I suppose. Myself and a friend are going on a three-week trip to South America, Dec 28 - Jan 19, with a couple extra days of traveling/flying thrown in. We're going to spend about ten days each in Colombia and Ecuador. All of our travel once there will be ground (including border crossings) and we're two American college girls so I'm sure you can imagine my nervousness! 🙂 Of course I'm EXCITED but I know there are risks involved.

    I'd just like to know if there are any particular things that might appear to someone as a hazard--right now there is some conflict in Ecuador--or just a reading of the trip in general if it's possible.

    If you need birth info:

    Me: March 6 1987 11:19am, Minneapolis MN

    J: July 28 1989 time unknown, San Francisco, CA

    Thank you very very much!

  • I hope someone who is of help can reply to this because I would be very interested to see what they have to say. Sounds like an awesome trip though, here's hoping someone puts your mind at ease! ^.^

  • Personally I have good feelings about the whole thing but there are a couple parts of it that have me a bit nervous. I've been planning this trip for years, I'm so excited!! Thanks!! 😄

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