Can I get insight on a potential partner??? PLEASE!

  • I have a man that I have deep feelings for, I am just unsure if we truly have a match that will last.

    If anyone is willing, please help!

    my dob 1/23/78 @ 9:45pm in Heidelburg, Germany

    his dob 6/15/1971 (unsure of time) near Washington DC

    Again, anything would help. Thank you in advance.

  • You are both generally well-suited to each other but a certain flamboyance points to a need for attention. Preening is not enough - with the attention of other people comes responsibility. Yet leadership potential may be lacking here and you two may be incapable of persistently supporting group endeavours. Your hunger for the spotlight may not be justified by the amount of work you are prepared to put in. Discomfort or jealousy can be aroused if only one of you receives the recognition of other people. Either of you may also be unhappy over the amount of attention you get from the other. You two generally demand a tremendous amount of care from each other as lovers, a selfishness that can undermine the relationship. Its chances of survival are increased, however, by a willingness to work on building empathic bridges and to sacrifice your own preferences for the mutual good. Either or both of you may come to resent the relationship at some time - your friend because it restricts his need to explore, and you because it restricts your impulsiveness. Such limitations however may ultimately prove beneficial to the individual character-buidling process. Marriage or a working relationship is not recommended here unless you two are both willing to make big sacrifices. But a serious commitment can be made easier if compromises are worked out at every step of the way, with you two trading off, say, periods of free time and replacing individual priorities with joint duties and tasks. The rewards of enjoying time together after work or during vacations may help to provide the necessary motivation. Friendship is probably the easiest type of relationship here.

  • Captain......

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time you put in for all of us.

    And you are very right (and I'm assuming your speaking of me) that my flamboyance and need for attention is great. And that we may be unhappy with the attention we get from the other. He gives me so much passion in his words and touch when I am around him. But to ask him to physically go out of his comfortable everyday routine to do something with me is hard. I then feel rejected and not important. I know I need someone that can be both for me, mentally and wordy with passion and willing to be there physically. But also willing to give the room when I ask. (us needy aquarians, lol)

    I also know he feels I am emotionally closed down. With just the little bit of doubt in my mind about us, I just hate to lead someone to believe a relationship may happen. So I protect them and myself by keeping it all in. Or at least that is the reason I keep telling myself 🙂

    I feel I can put in the care a relationship demands, I just want to make sure I get it all back in return this time around. (was married to a leo for 12 years)

  • Aqua, you need to communicate all your doubts and concerns with your partner frankly and openly - don't put it off because you fear he may not respond well. You need to know one way or the other if your relationship can be improved and the necessary sacrifices on both sides can be made.

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