Gypsydreams, I need you

  • Hello!

    One person did something very bad to me in past and present. Why?

    Does he have a conscience? I am Sagittarius, he is Sagittarius.


  • Hello laeitiali,

    Your sun sign has noting to do with how you treat others in general. This person whom did somethng very bad to you is clearly not a friend and the ties you have allowed with them, needs to be cut . Let go and move on and learn from this friend how you want other friends to treat you in the future and ask yourself also: What kind of friend am I?

    Happy Holidays

  • Hi Lae, your friend doesn't know any better so he does not know what he does. What you need to try and find out is.. is this person worth your stress,worry and anger? and is this friend worth your time and friendship?

  • Gypsydreams, no he is not worth my stress,time and anger. He is a liar, etc.

    thank you.

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