Which sign do these characteristics go to?

  • My sun sign is a cancer, with a moon in Taurus, & rising in gemini. I know I need a full chart reading, but I havent found a good site for it yet!

    I've done research about cancer girls, taurus girls, & I dont know much about gemini girls other than they're supposed to have double personalities.? But the thing is, I've always read that cancer girls were clingy, emotional(I can be emotional, but I'd rather get mad than get sad), & that their all about family.

    I'm BIG on home & family & safety. My first words were MINE(I'm not kidding). I'm super protective over everything I consider MINE, even if it's people. But I HATE people clinging to me. I have a pisces friend who is always clinging to me & when I get mad about it she clings more!

    I'm BIG on arguing. I love relaxing & having fun. But if someone does something that offends me it's a war zone with me. My anger flares up & then it's gone as soon as I get the conflict out of the way.

    I laugh & smile nearly all the time. Weather I'm in pain, I'm happy, I'm sad, Nervous, even ocationally when I'm mad.

    I protect everyone & everything, even though a lot of the time their bigger than me, & I coddle people when they have problems.

    It annoys me & angers me when people avoid their problems & the truth about something. I ALWAYS handle a problem or dilemma head on ASAP.

    I'm super sarcastic & joke way too much alot of the time.

    I stare people down when I'm mad at them or want them to done something

    And worst of all, I'm facinated with the human mind.

    I know how to get people to do wat I want them to

    And I know how to emotionally abuse people if they cross me the wrong way

    I'm pretty calm when I'm relaxed, but at the same time I'm super emotional

    Anything I'm feeling WILL be seen.

    This list can go on & on, but the main thing I want to know is, which sign does my personality go with most? I know I'm big on family & home & I coddle people alot, & I can be emotional, but other than that, I dont see any cancer there. Any idea with sign this matches?

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