Can anyone help with chakra blockages?

  • Hi, I am feeling major blockages in my everyday life. I stay exhausted and am having a hard time getting started in anything, meditating, cleaning, anything that needs to be done. Used to when I meditated, I felt very open and alive, now I just feel numb. It may not sound like such a big deal, but it really is. I have children to take care of and a home to provide. Used to I could clean all day with a baby on the hip, now I just look at it at keep walking. I have always felt others' pains and emotions and recently learned how to detach myself from them. Now I feel empty, confused and majorly blocked. Can anyone help with my chakras or anything else that will help?

  • I feel it's your head chakras that are most blocked. Spending more time emptying your mind before you sleep (try writing down your concerns and issues and then putting the paper in a drawer or out of sight somewhere or even burning it) or visualising a cleansing light sweeping through your mind will unblock this area. Basically you are over-thinking situations and worrying far too much.

  • Thank you Captain, I will try this. You're right, I am an over thinker and it has gotten worse lately. I appreciate your help so much!!!!! I will let you know if this helps.

  • Nice.

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