My Virgo guy has mood swings?? or is it something in our charts?

  • Lately, he's been giving me the cold shoulder. We tend to be "off and on" - one moment he's all over me and the next moment it's like he's mad for no reason?... (he's also an alcoholic - if that helps any bit) .. I don't understand - why would a guy's mood change so much... it's unpredictable - like we can go days without talking to each other then he'll come out of no where and act like nothing ever happened...we seem to be compatible at times - then it's like we drift apart for a while and sometimes i wont say anything in effort to give him his space and myself space because i try my best not to be needy or clingy - although both of us have a cancer rising....

    so what's up?? why does he have these dramatic mood swings?



    August born Virgo with a Cancer moon and Cancer rising - his venus and mars are both in Libra..


    January born Capricorn with a Cancer rising and Aries moon - my venus is in Sagittarius and mars is in Capricorn..

  • Hmmmm... maybe your virgo man is bipolar, or maybe he is going through some tough times or something. He could also be very emotional because of his cancer moon (cancers tend to be very emotional sometimes).

  • Maybe...he never really talks about any things that can be bothering - i myself am a very emotional person....sensitive to the core and i wish i could change that then again i think my Aries moon helps push my emotions to the side (but makes me too tough at times) ... i don't know - i guess i'm going to have to let it play out and see what happens...

  • That's probably the best thing to do. However, Maybe you could also try to do something for him that will really lift his spirits and make him smile. You could also give him compliments from time to time which might help boost his confidence. (But dont give him too many compliments or he might get a big head) lol... and i dont think you should want to change yourself in any way because it is best to be happy for who you are. instead of wishing you could change yourself use the things you dont like about yourself to do positive things. Maybe you could use your sensitivity to help others in need of comforting words from a friend for instence. Make the bad traits into positive traits. It would also be good not to let your emotions totally guide you when making life changing decisions. Every thing must be taken into moderation. Too much of anything is not good for you (try not to let your emotions rule you too much and try not to be too tough). I try to remind myself of this everyday esp. when i know i am working too hard and not allowing myself to relax at

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