In need of a Reading, Please help.

  • Last two roomate has left me without paying rent. Am i going to have to move or will I get help to pay back rent?

  • I'm not sure if you will get help, but have you tried talking to your landlord to see if they will break your back rent up into payments that you can add to your monthly rent until you catch up? Explain your hardship and remember that prayer works. God will provide if you believe.

  • Thank you for ur reply but I was told that their will be new Landlords taking over as soon as Dec, 15th. They will be taking over managment...pretty much their here to clean house and get rid of the dead weight. I leave on disability where my income is on a tight budget. I have put out an ad for a new roomate but not sure if Ill be evicted before then. Ohhh, yes Ive been Prayin and gonna check out a church. Our resouces in the town I live in seem to been depleted of any funding left. Wow..I need, I need, I need...Lady Luck would be nice.

  • You never know, the new landlords may decide to help tenants stay to avoid vacancy. Ask the old landlord what their take on the situation is and if they could suggest a credit, division, or extension to everyone in need to ease the transition of new ownership.I had a bill collector give everyone a free month once after accounts were sold. Unfortunately, there aren't many businesses out there like this. I have heard of old owners scaring emplolyees or tenants that the new owners were mean and were going to get rid of everyone and then once they took over, it was the complete opposite, they were wonderful. Try to meet the new landlord and get to know them and explain your situation. Familiarity goes a lot further with newcomers than just a name on a receipt. And yes there are churches that will help. You will probably just need to do a lot of phone calls to find one. If someone says no, ask if they know of someone who can help.

    You stated that you live on a limited budget. I'm not sure what your situation is but are there any side jobs you can perform? Such as pet sitting, child care after school or during Christmas holidays, tutoring, writing, transcribing, sewing, knitting, cooking, etc. I'm not sure if you're allowed to make extra income on disability so be very careful and do your research to avoid losing that income or having to repay wages. Stay within your guidelines and good luck. I'll be praying for you to make ends meet. You will find a way. We have more resources within than we give ourselves credit for.

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