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  • A cop saw a car wobble down the road and stopped therefore the driver. It turned out to be a blonde who drove the car and then the policeman stuck his nose in at the window and asked to see license n registration papers, he immediately sensed thatdistinct ordour of booze."I'll have to ask you to blow into a balloon; so we can see if you've been drinking and how high it is. "said the policeman.

    Blonde blow the balloon while the officer looked on.Officer: "It looks like you've got two small stiff ones too tonight huh? "Blonde: "Oh my God, you can also see that stuff on it?"

  • Heard about. 2000 years ago ....

    "I'm damn well DO not care who your father is. You aint walking here where we fish! "

    A woman meets a handsome man at a bar. They hit it off,

    enjoying themselves and leaving the bar together. They go home to

    hiím for some good fun. While he shows her around the

    apartment, she noticed that his bedroom is

    full of teddy bears.

    Hundreds of small bears on a shelf near the floor,

    medium size teddy bears on a shelf a little higher up and

    giant teddy bears on the top shelf.

    The woman is surprised that the man has such a large

    collection of teddy bears and especially some that are so expensive and delicate.

    She chooses not to comment, but is touched by

    his sensitivity.

    She turns toward him, they kiss and tear each other's clothes off

    and go to bed together.

    After a passionate night they lie side by side and

    the woman asks him smiling: "Well, how was I?"

    The man says dryly: "You can take a teddy bear from the lower

    shelf ... "

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