I'm worried and need some help.

  • I'm young and its probably why I am so worried and impatient about the matter at hand. Since I was six years old I have wanted a job in the line of History, I have a passion for it.

    And now the time has come, I have applied for University and within the next month I find out if I got in. I am so worried and doubtful that I did get in, apart from History and English i wasn't good at much else at school and I am afraid they are going to see that and decide that their University is not for me.

    I just need to know if everything will turn out alright, eventually I want to go to either Ireland or Scotland and work there... A bit undecided as what but that's the plan. I've been told that I am to obsessed with the future and that I should concentrate on the present... But I can't, I find it so impossible, especially when what I do now (18 yrs old) can so alter the future.

    Can anyone help me, put my mind at ease? Maybe even give me a little insight in my future career, a Psychic once told me anything to do with writing was for me...


  • Oh and I thought about it today and realised I should have mentioned that I am new to this whole forum posting thing. Its really interesting to read through all the postings though, they're as captivating as a book. Definately a new time consumer...^.^...

    Anyway I noticed people seem to post their birth date, so mine is 30/05/1992.

  • Mercury, you're funny! You made me laugh with the birthdate posting.

    I am proud of you. Most teenagers aren't as concerned about their future as you are. A lot of them seem to think they have all the time in the world to worry about their careers. I have two teenagers and one that will be in another year. Whew! It's a hard thing getting them to understand how important their future is. I think that since you feel so strongly about what it is that you want to do, you will be a success.

    Yes, it is important to focus on the present but it is also important to focus on your short and long term goals as well. It's called being balanced. You seem to know what you want and that is a great thing. I can understand your worry if you are accepted or not, but remember prayer and faith go a long way. God moves mountains. As a worst case scenario, if you're not accepted, then there are other schools and the University that you applied for may tell you why you wouldn't be accepted and how to change this. Again, I doubt this will happen to you. We all worry about these things and they usually work out better than we expected. Keep your chin up, and instead of worrying, just create a backup plan with your school advisor if things aren't as you hoped.

    To ease your mind while waiting, maybe you can get involved with the Art Alliance in your town. Learning the history of things while waiting will help you in your future dealings in Ireland or Scotland. Any experience you gain now will make your future stonger.

    Good luck with getting accepted and May God Bless You On Your Journey!!!!!!

  • Ahh, thankyou for that little reassurance. Its what I needed, don't worry I pray every night and besides my families well being getting into Uni is at the top of the list! Especially since my job situation worked out, I now have two jobs as of yesterday :D...

    I find it much easier to express my emotions through writing hence why I posted on here, I find it awkward and nerve racking to talk to my family about such matters so thankyou again for just giving me reassurance.

  • It's funny that you just said that. I was thinking the same thing about myself a few minutes ago. I can talk easier when I'm writing it out instead of saying it verbally. You'd think it would be no different but I guess having someone look at you and waiting to speak makes a huge difference.

    I'm glad you feel reassured. You sound very inteligent and I just know you're going to do well no matter where you decide to go. Just remember to stay in touch with your loved ones 🙂 I'm sure they'll miss you terribly. My middle chld wants to travel to and the thought of her leaving makes me sick and happy for her, at the same time. I wouldn't ever dream of holding her back from fulfilling her dream but the thought of her being gone makes my heart ache. Of course, I'll hide it with a smile and be proud of her accomplishments.

    Congratulations on the two new jobs!!! You sound like my oldest daughter. She loves making that money!! I barely see her between school and work.

    Have a nice day! Let me know how everything turns out. I will be praying for you.

  • MercurysBueFox,

    Starting college is both an exciting and fearful venture. It is understandable you are concerned since this is a long time dream of yours. I'm guessing you are in England? I lived there 3 years as an education/career counselor at an RAF. Are you able to apply to more than one university? Or, are you specifically focused on one? If you are able to apply to more than one then you may want to consider looking at all of your alternatives including those in Ireland and Scotland if possible. Then, when you get a stack of acceptance letters you can visit them and decide which one suits you. Also, it will make any rejection letter seem irrelevant. I'm definitely not saying you will get a rejection letter. I'm saying that you are the treasure, not the university. Without the university you will continue to exist. Without students like you, the university will cease to exist. Never forget that YOU are the treasure.

    Besides, if you worry about the worst and get the worst you suffer twice. If you prepare for the best and get the worst you only suffer once. If you prepare for the best and get the best you never suffer at all.

  • Thanks ConfusedScorpion, I will keep you posted on the University issue!

    And SalientLiving unfortunately I live in Australia and after an attempt to move out of home which ended in me moving back to live with my parents I am now living in a place called Toowoomba which is about an hour out of Brisbane, there is only one University in this town and I would be able to afford to attend a University anywhere else, although I'm sure I'll make it happen if worse comes to worse!

    How I wish I lived in England! It would make it so much easier for me and half my relatives live there as well... But I don't, so all there is left to do is wait and the waiting game is annoying and worrying!

    Will keep you two posted!

  • Ah Australia!

    Funny how the grass is always greener.....

    Well then, it must be therefore it will be. Though you will likely get in I will tell you a about the time I didn't get in.

    I have a lot of college education. College is certainly more fun than high school. But when I tried to get into my university for my doctorate degree I didn't have the right score on the test they used for entry (GRE). I took the test 3 times and still fell short by 10 points! It seems my math is great but my vocabulary just wasn't cutting it and I was being rejected.

    Instead of giving up I wrote a long letter to the Dean and explained to him that the miracle 10 points was not an indicator of what I was capable of and that I wouldn't let him down if he'd give me a chance. He let me with the requirement that I successfully complete 9 semester hours before he would fully admit me. I did that and got in. My point is that regardless of what letters or messages we receive in life it is up to us to decide defeat.

    Now go get em.

  • 3 times! Well at least you kept at it, I will use your determination as an example of what I need to do to get where I want to with my education.

    The 16th is when I should find out if I get in or not, so only 12 days to go! For now I will concentrate on work and buying presents for my family, something I truly love doing! Have to make sure not go over budget though, Christmas tends to do that to me, lol.

  • Hey Mercury, SalientLiving has made a good point indeed. If there is a problem that cannot be solved between yourself and the university, do not look at it as defeat. Be creative with convincing them you are capable. We will be here to help you brainstorm if need be but I'm sure you'll do well. 🙂

  • Are you studying for the entry exams if you haven't already taken them? Our universities here give us resources that we can get from our public library. When I went to the library to study, it scared me to death!!!! It was much harder than the actual exam turned out to be. I was shocked that the exam wasn't as complicated in most areas and did very well since I did a lot of cramming beforehand. It helped tremendously.

  • This University doesn't have entrance exams. In my final year of High School I did the final exams and I get into the university based on those results. I wasn't told of any entrance exams by the University people over the phone so I don't think there are any. Once your in, your in.

    Maybe in more higher rated Universities have entrance exams but I am fairly sure this one doesn't... At least I hope it doesn't, lol.

  • lol. Have you tried calling them to see if they have everything they need from you before they make their decision? Usually the ones here will send a letter out asking for missing documents but I'm not familiar with how your university operates. I'm not sure if it would help any, but you could also ask them if there is anything else that you could do to increase your chances of being accepted. That should get them talking to you about their decision making process and hopefully ease your mind. Some university advisors will discuss this process with you.

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