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  • Dear Watergirl18,

    In regards to your career. I sense that you will do work in healing and also readings in which you make money from, this will be in a shop across town from where you live. There is an A in the name of the shop and I feel a female and male energy in ownership of this shop.

    You will learn a lot from the owner and others working there. This will take you some time about a year. In the meantime you could work at something part-time to fill in the spaces with money needed. You will not have to do this for long, as you are gifted and will build a client base. Are you wanting to open your own shop? As I see wonderful hand made gifts and crafts and healers that will become lifetime friends. I get that you may work as a receptionist in a lawyer or doctor office for a while. Hostessing is also coming in here as a possible for you in a very nice upscale resturant. I hear the name Pat here and Virginia that will be of help to you.

    In the area of your relationship of 15 years, yes it is over and that is that is what I'm being told by spirit.There is no karma left on your side or his for that matter, now just the need to cut the ties that bind. You are doing so and he is still trying to hang on, so now it will be up to you to cut the cord for him. When you do he will leave you alone and you will not miss him at all. You will be alone this year, yet not alone because you will have family. Try to act like you have the love of your life waiting for you after the family Christmas fuction and this will lift your spirits and theirs to see you so joyful It will not be far from the truth as you will not be a spinster unless you choose to be. I do feel a man that has sandy hair , now with gray mixed in, five yrs younger than you, and he will really be attentive and show you how to live in ways you have never known before. He is a good man , but people know not to cross him , as he does have a bit of temper, which serves him will in the passion department. He feels like he wants to be outside doing some kind of sport, golf, tennis, swimming, boating all of these things. he has a grown daughter that he will be close to . Feels like his wife died. He will have a dog also . He feels like he will be coming around the bend in the Feb- March months. You will be happy again and smile and have fun like a teenager is what I'm being told, of course a responsible one.

    Many good things headed your way because you have earned them by staying with a man that took advantage of your good nature and he was rather weak in other areas too.

    Sing that song at New Years Eve and you will really mean it. Opening the door to a new diffrent kind of love and you will change too. People will see a whole new you at 2011 end.

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  • Hi Watergirl,

    The new guy can be alot like the old guy, but this time he will be around and dependable and you will not have to sing songs like the one above. You will have a much more joyful song to sing.

    Also, I wrote this on the other thread, but the jobs I'm talking about are not min wage jobs, tthey will be money making jobs. That is where you will be lucky where most are not at this time.


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