Anyone up for a reading for a pregnant lady?

  • Hi! I'm just wondering if my baby's dad (Brandon) will return to me before our baby is born. He's a Gemini born on 5/21 and I'm an Aquarius born on 2/17. I broke up with him after discovering he was cheating on me. After I broke up with him he hooked up with the other woman. Is all hope gone? Thanks for any insight!

  • This relationship is not conducive to either love or marriage. A platonic sort of friendship is the best you could hope for here but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. This guy is not your perfect mate and you can and will do so much better. Time to move on with your life...

    Does he even know you're pregnant?

  • Yes he knows and it was planned. We were together over a year and planning our future together. We had just gotten back from a vacation where he went to meet my family in Texas when I found out I was pregnant. I get different answers from different people. I don't know what to believe anymore.

  • I'm intuitive and read as well but I can't read for myself. I sensed when the other relationship began. I dreamt about it for weeks before it was confirmed. I never felt that he cheated before so it's not a pattern.

  • I don't see any signs that he will come back but, if you have been told different things, then only time's passing will reveal the truth. But don't waste your life waiting for him. Plan your future for yourself and your child.

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