Please I am in serious need of a reading

  • Hello. I am new to this forum and I am seeking advice or direction. I would like to know if I was being decieved by someone and is this person not at all what they portrayed to be with me. Such as r the reasons why he doesn't speak to me what he says or other reasons is there another person involved?I really need to know so I can know if indeed I'm at fault by my actions or was that just the excuse to rid themselves of me. I would like this reading in the hopes of bettering myself for the possiblity of a future with this person or someone more suited to me... I love him very much and if we r not meant to b I will let him go with all my heart. Right now however I'm so torn and told different stories by so many ppl I'm be side myself with anguish 😞 thanks

  • This post is deleted!

  • The word that came to me is betrayal or betrayer! I would not trust someone who betrays me. I believe the person is yanking your chain so to speak. I am sure being a smooth talker is a way to get out of what is really happening. Seems to always have an answer for you and I feel that is not good. This person is prepared to tell you what you want to hear.


  • Hi thanks for the replies to E5150, I would love to use an app like that however my only means of Internet access right now is my phone. Also, I have 3 different tarot decks and various books but each time I want to know something I end up more confused. That's part of the reason y I reached out on this forum. To honeykat, was that a feeling or what u got from a reading? The reason I ask is b/c this person is deff not a smooth talker that's about the last thing he is. He actually isn't talking to me at all and when we were talking he wasn't smooth, lol thanks

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