Psychic and their connections

  • If multiple Psychics are telling you the same thing.... is that a good thing?

  • It generally means that you are being given the answer more than once! And that it should be enough to convince you ... ๐Ÿ™‚

    I get that you are doubting everything that could be good at the moment; everything. You're expecting things to be c r a p p y and instead you're being told the opposite by psychics. Accept that good is there in your life; that the answer you've been given more than once is a positive one because that's what you need to hear and embrace FULLY.

    Good luck




  • Thanks Chris! i'm relatively reassured...

    I was advised to stay posiive ๐Ÿ™‚ now if only those around me can be as supportive of my positivity

  • bugger the ones who are being negative! If they can't be positive then they shouldn't be in your life,or at least shouldn't have any part in how you live it. BE YOU, BE HAPPY. Just BE.

    Good luck




  • Hear hear n ill add, whoยดs life is it? Why buggar with those in ur life that aint positive? do u really need their projections? Why bother with what they do n think n say? Jusst b glad u found iur inner positiity tools n forget them. Focus on u, n yes u is ok to b egoistic in this. Its a human right n if they claim else juss say ur prob not mine.


  • onya Charmed! I hope we've both been of help to Noosiekins here ...

  • Flow with the currents but Guard one's self against this negativity. There is plenty afloat, many may not be projected at you directly but is a reflection of another person's dissatisfaction with their self. By staying in a state of just being your are one with the Universe, let your intuition guide you to take action when necessary. Meditate and find your center, your inner peace. Open up to new experiences.

  • Amen!

  • i guess it's tough for my friends they don't understand i'd wait instead of ending things and moving on.

  • Sometimes we wait bc we sense deep inside its worth the wait. So if u wish desire is to wait then wait. Ive waited for years on something yet ive not let it hinder me in fullfilling other areas of my life. i think mayb thats why they nitpick on the waiting part issue. some sort of jalousy no?

  • That is possible...

    it've been having positive dreams too like spending X'mas with him... and last night i had ones where he was messaging me telling me he is starting to feel better...

    So I have a feeling things will get better soon...because nights before he started being distance and in distressed and wanted space, I had dreams about him telling me he needs to smoke ( I don't like it) in order to love me and dreams about him leaving town.

  • It is not generally seen as a good idea to get several psychics to answer the same question until you get the answer you want. A second opinion is fine but don't overdo it.

  • they gave me the same answer...none of them have given me an answer i didnt' want to ๐Ÿ™‚

  • which psychic have you spoken to?

  • well that is great so why did you ask so many?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Were you asking him to be something he was not, like asking him to not smoke around you? This could also be that you need to take a person for who they are and what they do; warts and all. If you demand things of him he's not able to be or do, then you could push him away. Don't expect perfection from him, because then, he has the right to expect the same from you. If you love him, feel good about loving him, then don't try to mould him into the "perfect" image of who he should be. 'Course, he shouldn't smoke in your own house, but shouldn't have to give up the habit just to be with you.

    paddifluff, sometimes a person asks for clarification from more than one source, because it can be hard to accept or believe what one or two say. We humans can be such a bunch of negative nellie's that when we hear something could actually be GOOD in our lives, we don't believe it. If we are feeling negative enough, a negative reading we'll probably take as fact and not question it; accepting it as merely "the way things have always been".

    Time, noosiekins, for you to look at the positive and good - as I said before - and move forward with it, rather than be bogged down by negativity. If you choose to wait it out, then something is telling you it's worth it. See what lessons come out of this; both the waiting and end result.

    I hope this makes sense!




  • paddifluff ~ For reassurance?!

    samphom ~ bitwine and liveperson?

    Chris ~

    Were you asking him to be something he was not, like asking him to not smoke around you?

    • No. I've given up. He tells me it helps w/ his digestion and stress...and whe neh does do it, he doesn't do it around me..he'd step away from me or do it on my balcany if he's over at my place...

    Funny a few of my friends asked me how he'd know if i'm waiting for him... i'm like well...i haven't told him that it's "over" or vice versa... so he should know.

  • SO , I am drunk. Whatever the fuck that means. You and I have a similar connection. (drunk fading) I dated a woman 10 years younger then myself and we had an amazing conection! still to this day i think of her as someone who has changed my life for the better. When i rad all of your posts I cannot helkp buit think of her.

    He wil knopw because you ma,ke the effort to show him that you love him. So saturn is in retrograde, and if you had no clue to this fact would you still love him? My guess is yes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think all this astro "logicly" mieldra is whats keepsing you from your instinct. Be! If you love the man be with him, simple as that. love is not a sine. Love is beyond our comprehension. I wish you the best Noo.



  • Yeah, what the heck? Love should have no criteria, but should simply HAPPEN and simply BE. Let's not judge it, or those involved. Noose, go with it and good luck as well. God knows we who're giving you advice at the moment are wishing for the same. I myself have no criteria about love, but it's not happening and never really has and I get no younger by the day. So seize the day, as the saying goes, and give yourself a chance. One of us should be able to! Good luck ... xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxooxox and let the others who judge you with negativity, etc, be with their own sh*t and pointing fingers and may God let those fingers find their way up respective nostrils while preferably VERY bent .... :))))

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