• It's finally the last month of what has been a challenging year but not as much as previous years. This month may seem to move slowly because there will be many opportunities to complete work we have been doing all year and that includes the final release of beliefs, people, situations and memories that we have been working on since 1995. To give us support Mercury is retrograde all month, Venus is re-tracing its retrograde path until the 21st and we have a full moon lunar eclipse on the same day. I hope you're ready to let things go because it has moved from 'optional' to 'required'.

    The Mercury retrograde is probably the most significant thing we have this month because it meets up with Pluto for nearly a week. This is a highly transformative energy that removes all obstacles to change-with the power to vaporize anything in its path (think of Darth Vader). I have always thought of Mercury as being strongly associated with karma so be prepared to face your karmic cycle challenges with the purpose of ending them forever. If you do not know what they are right now, don't worry, when they come up you will know. A hint: watch for anything or anyone who makes you very angry or pushes your buttons in a way that's hard to ignore.

    Then there's the full moon eclipse which is at 29 degrees of Gemini. This is the third full moon that has occurred at the last degree of a sign and that is very significant, given that this year has been about endings, releasing blocks, and completing karma. And on this day Venus moves out of its shadow and Mercury passes a 29 degree mark in its retrograde. Mars will meet with Pluto two days before the eclipse. Do you think there is going to be some serious 'ending energy' happening around Christmas week? Pay attention to what happens at your family gatherings during this period.

    The focus for this month is on how you want to enter the new year. What intentions do you want to set for yourself and what do you need to do to be ready to fulfill them? December will help you let go of anything that stands in your way. In other words, what have you outgrown that you can now leave behind knowing that as soon as you do something else will take its place that is aligned with your new intention? As you go through this month don't regret or resist what leaves your life, as many things probably will. Instead, make a list of your new life intentions and let that be your focus as you allow this energy of completion to help you remove anything that blocks you from the peace, joy, prosperity, abundance and love that you want in your life. Have a wonderful month.


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  • thanks poetic, i thought mercury dude was gone, yep feeling it siesta...i'm ready for new beginnings as allot of us are...

    looks like siesta laie wants this message out there also lol!

    Namaste' Poetic


  • Great post, poetic. Yes, definitely feeling the years' karma coming to the end of it's cycle. The 21st will be a powerful day, and I'm hoping that a new cycle of good karma will come from deeds done that day. The Sun Stands Still as the Black Moon shines.

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  • angel hugs with flower petals in yuor favourite fragrance


  • You too Julianna!

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