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  • I would really like some advice on my love life. My boyfriend an I arn't broken up and I love him to bits. But he's asked for space and to be left alone. saying not to send him messages as it would put added pressure on top of his work pressure...

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  • Noosiekins - I am a bit new here. I'll keep this short. I notice an indecisive nature to your friend. Common in men 🙂 Not always a bad trait if seen from a place of "why is he indecisive?"

    You have already received a lot of really good advice from others here:) Your rising sign would indicate you are passionate, and oddly very committed to this person. I say oddly in respect to Aries tending to be more "head in the clouds" with an amazing ability to be the most dedicated partners. This.....ability may frighten some people, and could be seen as "smothering." You see something in this relationship that I am going to venture is very very real, your friend may not see it the way you do though, doesn't mean its not there 😉

    This ability to see coupled with a very strong Sun sign will either a) enlighten or b) engulf. It can't be both, enlightenment(and I use this word really loosely) is only brought about by "self" one, not even you or I can tell someone something is true unless they choose to believe it.

    Engulfing, flames. You will burn up those closest to you, not in a literal sense, but energetically. Depleting your resources or his, leaving him feeling overwhelmed or fatigued. Balance is the key to your sign 🙂 Find that and you will start to see everything else around aligning perfectly in it's own fashion and its own time.

    So he wants some time, cool cool. What better time for you to reflect on your relationship, ask yourself the tough questions, be honest with yourself 🙂 Our reality is a reflection of our inner souls belief. He is drifting away from you....why? It's the same for him though! You are drifting away from him. So boyfriend also needs to do some prioritizing of his own.

    I read this today as my car was warming up and then thought of it when I read your post.

    When people no longer fear your power,

    It is a sign that greater power is coming.

    Interfere not lightly with their dwelling,

    Nor lay heavy burdens upon their livelihood.

    Only when you cease to weary them,

    They will cease to be wearied of you.

    Therefore, the Sage knows himself,

    But makes no show of himself;

    Loves himself,

    But does not exalt himself.

    He prefers what is within to what is without.

    ~Tao Teh Ching 72

    I wish you love and happiness 🙂 Word to a fellow aries, turn the flame down just a smidgen 😛

  • Thanks Wacrer! I think your advise of turning hte flame down just a smidgen is a good one. My dad, who's a Gem. always tell me to stop being so hot headed or head strong when it comes to guys. My last guy's a Taurus..and this one's a Cancer :).

    I agree with your comment about me being oddly committed. My friends have often asked if it's fear. I've never been able to let a guy go or give up on a relationship unless the guy is adament on throwing on the towel and is waving a white flag...

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